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What is Juno Astrology and what does it mean?

Juno is one of the most powerful asteroids which is at number three of the discovered asteroids. She is called the Queen of Heaven and the Divine Consort. Juno is known as the Roman Goddess, which means she is the protector and counselor of the state. It is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera. In astrology, Juno means marriage, betrayal, commitment and partnership between two people. The effort to balance the relationship between two people is Juno. He shows us how to be fair, just and balanced in a partnership between two loved ones.

SummaryRole of the goddess JunoThe role of Juno in a natal chartHow to find Juno in your natal chart?Placement of Juno's sign

In this article we will discuss Astrology Juno , what is its meaning, the role of Juno, the role in the natal chart and the placement of the signs of Juno. So read this article till the end to learn all about Goddess Juno.

Role of the goddess Juno

The role of the goddess Juno is to protect women, marriage and childbirth. He presided over the complete life of women. Juno's role is to protect a pregnant woman and save her during childbirth. Not only is it the protector of women but also it protects your money from the evil eyes.

The role of Juno in a natal chart

Juno unites you with your loved ones and strengthens your relationship helps you build your future together. It is also a sign of divorce, possession, jealousy and promises. All loyal relationships are under Juno's Jurisdiction. Juno is about problems, fidelity and infidelity, trust, forgiveness and revenge. It is recommended that whenever you encounter problems in your relationship, please ask the astrologer to examine Juno in your birth chart.

What is the Glyph of Juno?

After learning Juno's role in the Natal map, we know you want to know Juno's glyph. Thus the Glyph of Juno is (⚵) scepter or cross of matter surmounted by a star.

How to find Juno in your natal chart?

You can easily find your Juno in the natal chart online, but also consider that many websites do not provide the Goddess asteroids in their natal chart. But don't worry because we've found the one that provides you with everything you need to know.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Free Horoscope” in the menu.
  3. Now click on "Extended Card Selection" under Horoscope Card Drawings.
  4. Here you will be asked to put your birth data. So fill it with correct data.
  5. Now scroll down to "Additional Items" and select Juno.
  6. After selecting, scroll down and click the "Click here to view chart" button.
  7. Find your Juno glyph on the results page.

Juno-sign placement

Here we will look at the placement of Juno's signs with other stars. So let's get started:

Juno in Aries

After looking at your Juno and if it is Aries, you want to experience new adventures in your life. Your life partner will be brave, adventurous and independent.

Juno in Taurus

If your Juno turns out to be in Taurus, you expect unfailing stability in your life as a couple. Your life partner will be financially strong, peaceful and secure.

Juno in Gemini

If it comes out in Gemini then you want freedom and lightness in your life as a couple. Your ideal partner will be bright, funny and talkative.

Juno in Cancer

If this is Juno in Cancer, then you want to experience your relationships within the family. Your partner will be a very sensitive and caring caregiver.

Juno in Leo

Juno in Leo means you want to experience a show of love and appreciation. Your ideal partner will be open-minded, romantic and caring.

Juno in Virgo

If it's Juno in Virgo, then you want to live a calm and orderly marriage life. Your partner will be health conscious and thoughtful.

Juno in Libra

If it is Juno in Libra, then you will live a balanced life as a couple. Your partner will be charming, talkative and social.

Juno in Scorpio

If your Juno turns out to be in Scorpio, you want to experience a marriage that deeply fuses soul, body, and spirit. Your partner will be emotionally intimate, strong and intense.

Juno in Sagittarius

If your Juno is in Sagittarius, you want a continuously growing marriage and you need to travel. Your partner will be energetic and optimistic.

Juno in Capricon

If your Juno is in Capricon, you want to experience a marriage of excellence and integrity. Your partner will have wisdom and common sense.

Juno in Aquarius

If your Juno is in Aquarius, then you want to have an unconventional marriage or you won't get married. Your partner will be a freedom lover.

Juno in Pisces

If your Juno is in Pisces, you want to experience a marriage of spiritual bliss. Your partner will be an emotional, creative and spiritual path.