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How to earn the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe in Fortnite Creative Mayhem

Fortnite Creative Mayhem has arrived, giving players a new opportunity to pick up a rare pickaxe or purchase one later from the Item Shop. Along with the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe, users will have the option to play alongside some of Fortnite's biggest influencers.

We have instructions on how to earn the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe and participate in the Creative Mayhem event below.

What is the best way to get the Mace of Hearts pickaxe in Fortnite?

How to earn the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe in Fortnite Creative Mayhem

To get the Mace of Hearts pickaxe, simply play the Creative Mayhem card for 30 minutes. To access the island, enter the following code:7266-3680-0768. It is also available as a preloaded map in the Creative Hub.

Heart’s Desire wrap is available for free

But wait, there's more, in the form of extra freebies. Epic is giving all players who logged in between January 27 and February 3 a heart-themed wrap as a thank you for their patience during the recent server outages. The Heart's Desire wrapper is made up of a combination of light and dark red hearts and can be used on boats and weapons.

It has nothing to do with Creative Mayhem, but we're grouping it here because it would go well with the other core-themed elements of the live event. Get your fortnite free stuff while you can!