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Nairi vs Leon:Who does better in Free Fire December 2021?

Garena Free Fire has a variety of characters that players can use in the game and here we are comparing Nairi vs Leon to see which works better in gmes.

Free Fire recently celebrated the New Age update with lots of winter-themed changes, along with new pets and characters. Free Fire characters are an integral part of the game as they allow players to choose which abilities they want to use in battle. Each character comes with a different ability that makes hemming special and stand out. With the introduction of new characters, old ones can seem to fade into the background.

Nairi (Ability:Chilled Iron)

Nairi vs Leon:Who does better in Free Fire December 2021?

The new characters to be introduced in the game is none other than Nairi, who was welcomed into the game in the New Age update.

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His in-game description says he's a storm chaser who researches climate technology. He is a New Age character released very recently and has an impressive ability.

It has a passive ability called "Ice Iron" which recovers 20% of Gloo Wall's durability every 1 second while deployed. It also increases damage by 20% when using ARs on Gloo walls. Upon upgrading, this will recover 30% of Wall Gloo durability and increase damage by 25% when using ARs on Wall Gloo.

Leon (Ability:Buzzer Beater)

Nairi vs Leon:Who does better in Free Fire December 2021?

Leon was released on the Booyah Day update a few months ago and is described as a rising star in the basketball scene.

He also has a passive in-game ability called "Buzzer Beater". This ability allows the player to recover 5 HP after surviving the fight. This is increased to 30 HP at max level when leveling up.

Nairi vs Leon:who has the better ability?

Both characters are very viable in the current meta but we can only choose between one for this comp.

Leon has a useful ability that helps him sustain fights, given he gets away with it. However, the damage recovered is very low and fights in group mode can be very long and tedious, making this ability very insignificant.

On the other hand, Nairi has a very useful ability that can lead to both stronger gloo walls and recovery. This ability can also deal damage using AR and can be very useful in breaking down the defenses of others.

Nairi is definitely the better choice out of the two in the Nairi vs Leon comparison.

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