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New Boba Fett skin is finally available in 'Fortnite - how responsive is it?

As 2021 draws to a close, Fortnite likes to celebrate in style. The popular battle royale game is known for its frenetic gameplay, dynamic style, and of course, amazing crossovers. Everything from movies to TV shows to anime have appeared in Fornite as exclusive skins and gear that let you play as your favorite characters. One of the latest additions is Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise. But as the new skin rolls out, how responsive is the costume?

New Boba Fett skin is finally available in  Fortnite - how responsive is it?

Fortnite has just received a major update in the form of Chapter 3, "Inverted". The new chapter adds all sorts of gameplay mechanics, including sliding, swinging wires, and even getting Battle XP in game modes other than Battle Royale. In terms of new skins, Chapter 3 kicked off with a set of Spider-Man skins to coincide with the theatrical release of Spider-Man:No Way Home. With the release of the new Boba Fett skin, how well does it fit into the mechanics of Fortnite?

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How responsive is Boba Fett's "Fortnite" skin?

New Boba Fett skin is finally available in  Fortnite - how responsive is it?

Fortnite has a fun little easter egg for its skins called "Reactive Cosmetics." While not entirely related to your gameplay, reactive cosmetics are elements of your costumes that change or react when you perform certain actions in-game. If you open chests, deal damage, or even take damage, these cosmetics will reflect it in a unique way.

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For example, the fiery cowboy Deadfire will take on a slightly scarier appearance when you deal damage or are able to survive long enough. The muscular meows mascot Meowscles has a GHOST style that gives him a rainbow glow that intensifies with each kill you rack up. Whether you're trying to show off your skills or just spice up your game, reactive cosmetics add some flair to your various skins.

Boba Fett is the latest skin added to Fortnite, having been announced on Disney Plus Day 2021. The skin and accessories released on December 24, days before the premiere of Disney Plus' original series, The Book of Boba Fett. His skin is available in the Item Shop, and his accessories include his Gaffi Stick pickaxe, starship glider, and a "Targeting Computer" online emote. As a bonus, the skin is also reactive.

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