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RanGer Retires From Competitive COD Mobile To Pursue A Career In PUBG Mobile

The star player of COD Mobile from Malaysia, known as Ranger, has decided to retire from the competitive free-to-play shooter scenario and pursue a career in the battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

Playing for Yodoo RSG (Resurgence), Abdul Hakiem “Ranger” bin Tajudin is a renowned professional Call of Duty Mobile player who has won several accolades and won trophies in international and national tournaments. He is considered the face of RSG as his in-game leadership skills are highly valued by his teammates as well as other analysts. He was an active player, therefore, his retirement announcement surprised his fans.

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COD Mobile player 'RanGer' retires to enter the world of PUBG Mobile

RanGer Retires From Competitive COD Mobile To Pursue A Career In PUBG Mobile

The 23-year-old Malaysian COD Mobile star previously played for 21 Huntsmen whose roster was later acquired by RSG, which is now known as Yodoo RSG after reforming. RanGer has been on the RSG roster for an extended period and also led his team to become the winner of the 2021 MYSG ​​Championship. His recent competitive play was seen at the 2021 CODM World Championship Grand Finals.

The performance of the team at the above mentioned tournament was decent as they were able to claim a place in the top 10. However, the decision of his retirement is indeed surprising as he was playing quite well. The announcement of his retirement from the competitive world of DCO Mobile was made in his official account.

"As MYSG ​​Invitational is finished and that's my final competitive appearance. I will be stepping away from Competitive CODM and will start my journey on pursuing my path to be a professional PUBGM player."

He further added-

"One of the main reasons why I quit is also due to the lack of attention from the developer. I just don't find time and worth to grind the game anymore. I wanna thank everyone who kept on supporting my journey since the start of CODM." RanGer Retires From Competitive COD Mobile To Pursue A Career In PUBG Mobile

RanGer thanked all of his fans and team members for supporting him on his journey thus far. He also revealed that the decision to leave COD Mobile was difficult as gaming has been such a big part of his life. As he has decided to become a professional PUBG Mobile player, it would be intriguing to see which eSports organization puts him in their roster.

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