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Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More

Garena has released the official Free Fire OB30 update patch notes which tease all the inclusions, additions and many more in the latest update. The patch notes reveal all the developer work they have implemented in the update. This time, OB30 update features have already been revealed before the official launch.

ContentsCOMMON FEATURESClash SquadNew – Clash Squad 6v6!Map AdjustmentsBattle RoyaleAirdrop Vending Machine Awakening PointsPlayground Adjustments Training GroundsCombat ZoneCharacter and PetsChronoWukongAndrew “The Fierce”ShirôJai ChipWeapon and BalanceArmor AttachmentsSniper Treatment SPAS-12 FF-KnifeGrenade P90 AWM SKS Vector Gameplay and systemReplay system (beta)Guild systemOptimization and bug fixes

Knightclown, a popular data miner, has already released the leaked OB30 update patch notes, which we have already covered. Important new features in the update are CS 6v6 mode, Airdrop vending machine, replay system and character, weapon additions and tweaks. The update is expected to launch with the most anticipated title i.e. Free Fire Max. Currently the game servers are down and they will be back online after 6:30 PM IST. However, the update or the game would be available for download in a few hours.


Clash Squad

Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More

New – Clash Squad 6v6!

Available in the custom room.
“Are you ready for some 6v6 Clash Squad action?

  • New mode available in Custom Room.

Map adjustment

Adjusted Clash Squad spawn point in Bermuda.
“We realized that the Clock Tower area in Clash Squad is extremely difficult to engage for the team that spawns in the lower area. We are adjusting the spawn points for both teams to make this map more balanced. For Mars Electric, we slightly adjusted the play area to ensure the warehouse is in the center of the map. »

  • Adjusted play area and spawn point for Clock Tower and Mars Electric area.


Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More

Airdrop vending machine

Available in Classic and Rank.
“The Vending Machine has been an important part of Battle Royale for collecting gear and reviving fallen teammates. With the Airdrop vending machine, you will be able to spend your FF coins in more places.

  • Airdrop vending machine is now available in Battle Royale.

Waking-up Points

Optimized HUD display and UI.
“The wake-up system plays a bigger role in Battle Royale. We're updating the UI in this patch to make sure players have more information about respawn points.

  • Added a countdown timer for when respawn points will be closed for the match.
  • Added a resurrection point cooldown countdown to the map.
  • Players can now see captured awakening points on the map.
  • Revive points will no longer disappear halfway while players are capturing them.
  • Optimized the HUD display when watching players capturing respawn points.


Adjusted play area damage.
"We're increasing playzone damage a bit more in this patch to ensure players can't hide outside of the playzone to wait for other players to be eliminated." Enter the safe zone! »

  • Increased play area damage by 10%.
  • Increased play area damage increase by 3%.

Training grounds

Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More


Layout adjustment.
“The current combat area layout is a bit too complicated for combat training. We're removing some objects from the combat area to make enemies in that area more visible.

  • Adjusted combat area layout.

Character and pets

Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More


Adjusted character skills.
“Even after the change, Time Turner was found to be a bit too reliable compared to other active skills. We're adding some cooldown and reducing shield duration to ensure players will use this skill at a high cost. »

  • Time Turner:
  • Movement Speed ​​– 5/7/9/11/13/15% -> 5/6/7/8/9/10%
  • Skill Duration – 3/4/5/6/7/8s -> 3/3/4/4/5/5s
  • CD – 200/192/185/179/174/170s -> 250/242/235/229/224/220s.


Adjusted character skills.
“Camouflage is currently a little too hard to hit as Wukong moves at high speed with a reduced hitbox. We are reducing movement speed a bit in this patch so that players are less mobile while stealthed.

  • Camo:
  • [New] Movement speed reduced by 20% when activated.

Andrew "The Fierce"

Adjusted character skills.
“Wolfpack is too strong when the whole team equips this skill. We're reducing damage reduction a bit so weapons can still be effective against fully armored Awakened Andrew.

  • Wolf Pack:
  • Damage reduction:8/9/10/11/12/14% -> 5/7/8/9/10/11%


Adjusted character skills.
“The long cooldown of Damage dealt makes the skill unreliable when players are constantly in combat. We are reducing the cooldown of the skill a bit so that it can prepare faster between fights.

  • Shipped Damage:
  • Cooldown – 35/34/32/29/25/20s -> 25/24/22/19/15/10s

Chip of Jai

New item available.
"Introducing Jai's Microchip, which players can use to obtain Jai's skill - Raging Reload." »

  • Jai's chip is now available in the Free Fire Store.

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Weapon and balance

Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More

Armor Attachments

Available in Battle Royale.
“We discovered that gear progression in Battle Royale is not very balanced as high tier armor can be purchased from the vending machine. We're introducing two armor attachments in this patch to make sure players can further upgrade their armor as they spend their time looting. Also, more attachment types are coming in the near future! »

  • Vest Thickener:Equip your vest to reduce explosion damage.
  • HP Booster Vest:Equip your vest to boost HP.

Sniper of treatment

Available in Battle Royale.
“We are introducing the Treatment Sniper in this patch to add more strategic choices in Battle Royale. See your teammates struggling to catch up? Heal them with this weapon!

  • Base Damage:70
  • Healing Strength:50
  • Rate of Fire:0.45


Weapon Stats Adjustment
“The SPAS-12 has been a bit weaker than other shotguns for a long time now. We're giving the SPAS-12 a bit more range this patch to make sure it can be more competitive with its peers.

  • Range:+10%


Weapon Stats Adjustment
“As one of the most difficult weapons to use, the FF-Knife is not strong enough. »

  • Base damage:+50%
  • Rate of Fire:+20%


Weapon Stats Adjustment
“Currently, the grenade is too profitable, especially against fully armed targets. We're removing some of the power from the grenade to ensure players can only take out enemies with full health with an extremely accurate throw.

  • Maximum damage:-25%


Weapon Stats Adjustment
“Even though the P90 is equipped with a scope, it currently does not perform well in the mid-range compared to other SMGs. We're giving the P90 a bit more power this patch to make it more reliable.

  • Range:+10%


Weapon Stats Adjustment
"We're giving the AWM a bit more power so it can still be effective against enemies equipped with higher level armor. »

Armor Penetration:+8%


Weapon Stats Adjustment
"The SKS isn't that reliable right now because it's not as effective against armored enemies. We're giving this weapon a bit more damage to make it more lethal when downing enemies from a distance. »

  • Minimum damage within sight:+25%


Adjusted weapon stats.
“Vector is currently too deadly at close range. We are making some adjustments to this weapon to give players enough time to react against enemies with the Vector Akimbo.

  • Cooldown:-20%
  • Rate of fire:-5%
  • Ammo:-5
  • Fire rate in Akimbo:-20%
  • Movement speed in Akimbo:-4%

Gameplay and system

Replay-system (beta)

Official Fire OB30 Free Update Patch Notes:Character Changes, New Additions, Replay Feature and More

Replay now available.
“We have received feedback that players are not able to capture some of their highlights as we do not have a replay system in place. We are excited to present the replay feature of this patch for its first test on select devices. You asked and we delivered!

  • Replay System (Beta) now available in profile page for selected devices.

Guild System

New features and user interface.
“It has been a while since we last updated the guild system. We're giving a whole new look to the guild menu and adding new guild crates that can be shared with your team members. Join and share these guild gifts! »

  • New guild UI.
  • New Guild Crates are available!

Optimization and bugfixes

– Players can split their items while discarding them.
- Added player rating star rating in Clash Squad game leaderboard.
- Added chat bubbles in squad formation menu.
- Optimized display of grenade decoy on the minimap.

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