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Everything Spotify knows about you, revealed

In the old days when people listened to the radio, no one really knew anyone's taste in music unless they were told. Then we started buying singles and albums, on vinyl and CD, and people could flip through our record collections to create a picture of our listening habits.

Now, unless you're a vinyl-buying hipster Why Everyone Should Start Collecting Vinyl Why Everyone Should Start Collecting Vinyl Few physical media have seen a resurgence like vinyl. Even if you currently stream your music, chances are there's still room in your life for a turntable and crate of records. Read More And that is allowing responsible companies to build detailed profiles of our musical likes and dislikes. They know what we listen to, when we listen to it, and what it reveals about our personalities.

This allows companies like Spotify to recommend content to you as an individual in a way that has never been possible before. Explain the power of those automatic playlists. Discover new music with automatic Spotify playlists. Discover new music with automatic Spotify playlists. Spotify recently launched new ways to generate unique playlists that will help you discover amazing new music. We are here to walk you through these auto playlist makers. Read More

If you've ever wondered what kind of profile Spotify is building in you, you're in luck. Because the streaming service has created Spotify.Me, a website that reveals your music listening habits based on the songs, artists, and genres you've listened to on Spotify.

Your favorite music

You may think you know who your favorite artists are, but Spotify knows different. Perhaps you're denying your fascination with Nickelback or your unrequited love for Justin Bieber. After all, everyone has guilty pleasures that they listen to when no one is around. Unfortunately for you, Spotify is always watching.

Spotify. I listed my favorite artist over the life of my subscription as Slipknot. Which really doesn't surprise me. They're not really my favorite band (they're not even in my Top 3). However, they are my go-to when I need to listen to some music to blow away the cobwebs. And only loud, loud, screaming metal will do that.

Your listening habits

You probably didn't need Spotify to tell you what music you regularly listen to. However, Spotify also knows what time of day you listen to music, what trends that music follows, and how different your tastes are.

When do you listen to music?

We all have our own routines, whether it's because of work, eating habits, or our preference for late nights or early mornings. These routines will also affect when we listen to music.

My results show that I tend to have particular times of day when I listen to music. The first small peak is at 9 am, after I got out of bed I made myself a coffee and sat down to start work. There's another spike at 4 pm, just before my girlfriend gets home from work.

The highest peak is at 9 pm, which is, by some standards, quite late for music. For me though, it's after the day's work is done, but before it's too late to get music out of my Amazon Echo speaker, all the ways to play music with Amazon Echo and Alexa All the ways to play music with Amazon Echo and Alexa The Amazon Echo excels at playing your music. These are all the ways to listen to music with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Read more . In other words, I take advantage of this small window of opportunity.

How do you listen to music?

Music can be the perfect antidote to sadness, the perfect background noise for a party, or the perfect way to tell someone you love them. But the tracks you choose are very important. To cure sadness, you need happy songs, for parties to dance, and to make your partner fall in love you need love songs. Be My Valentine - 10 Love Spotify Playlists Be My Valentine - 10 Love Spotify Playlists Valentine's Day is here once again, as it is every February 14th. Some people don't recognize this particular celebration of all things love and romance, whether it's because of their religious beliefs, country... Read More .

Spotify.Me knows what kinds of songs you listen to regularly, and has rated them as Energy, Danceability, and Valence. The first two are self-explanatory, but valence, in psychological terms, refers to the inherent positive or negative nature of things. Including music.

My results show that I listen to mostly positive songs, which Spotify describes as “good vibes only.” That doesn't mean I'm happy all the time, but when I'm up I listen to positive songs, and when I feel sad I also listen to positive songs in an attempt to wake me up. that funk.

Do you have different tastes?

There are countless songs by countless artists that Spotify groups into 1,500 genres 20 Obscure Music Genres You Must Hear On Spotify 20 Obscure Music Genres You Must Hear On Spotify Join us as we navigate some of Spotify's weirdest and most wonderful music genres. There is a chance that you have not heard of any of them before. Read more . We all like to think that we have diverse tastes in music, but do we really? Spotify knows the truth based on the genres all your songs belong to. And your Spotify.Me results may surprise you..

My results suggest that my tastes are less diverse than I thought. Sure, my top artists and tracks span six different genres, but those genres are Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, Alternative Metal, Indie Rock, and Post-Grunge. Which are all from the same heavy guitar music family.

Your musical personality

Finally, Spotify makes some assumptions about your musical personality based on your recent listening habits. I'm not aware of all the different results available here, as I can only see the ones that have been personally assigned to me by Spotify. So only you will know how accurate these are.

Spotify thinks I'm "high energy" and "live life at 10". This is because there is no "chill music" in my recent listening history. Spotify also thinks I'm a “partier” based on the number of playlists in the party How to Get a Party Started Using Spotify How to Get a Party Started Using the Spotify App Whether you're hosting a quiet session with some from your closest friends or organize a crazy every day with whoever shows up. above, Spotify can help get any party started. Read more I transmit. But that may be more convenient than anything else.

A playlist made just for you

Spotify would be useless without playlists, and the streaming service has served up another one based on its Spotify.Me results. This playlist is made up of songs that Spotify recommends based on your recent streaming history. So some artists and tracks may be familiar, while others will be completely new to you. 7 Websites to Discover New Music from Indie Artists 7 Websites to Discover New Music from Indie Artists If mainstream music doesn't appeal to you, you should check out indie artists online. . Here are seven websites to help you discover new music from independent artists around the world. Read more.

How well does Spotify know me?

Now you know more about my taste in music than I feel comfortable sharing. But I've let you bring a sneak peak into my world to help you analyze your own Spotify.Me results. And I hope you'll now return the favor by sharing any insights you've gleaned from Spotify's deep dive into your listening habits.

Are you surprised by any of your results? Do you listen to certain artists more than you thought? Let us know in the comments below or share your Spotify.Me playlist for us all to enjoy!