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4 TV shows that have AI rights

With each passing year, artificial intelligence is moving away from science fiction and more towards pure science. Some scientists think we should be afraid of AI. Here's why scientists think you should care about Artificial Intelligence. Why Scientists Think You Should Care About Artificial Intelligence. Do you think artificial intelligence is dangerous? Can AI pose a serious risk to the human race? These are some of the reasons why you may want to worry. Read More How will AI affect your life in the next ten years? Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and seems poised to change the world. How will this change be presented in the coming years? Here are some good guesses. Read more . The only guarantee is that artificial intelligence. will happen, and most likely sooner rather than later.

So the question is:what will artificial intelligence really look like?

When we look at how Hollywood portrays AI how Hollywood has portrayed artificial intelligence over the years how Hollywood has depicted artificial intelligence over the years, humanity has always had a love-hate relationship with technology, and robots are no different. Over the years, there have been hundreds of movies about intelligent robots, and the portrayals have varied wildly. Read More Robots are good, robots are bad, robots live in a gray area of ​​morality:we've seen it all and we'll see it all again. But if there's a common thread, it's that AI representations have rarely been realistic.

Fortunately, we're starting to see a change in that on television, and the resulting shows have been phenomenal. as a result.

AI:more fantasy than science

Think about how the entertainment media has portrayed artificial intelligence. What you will realize is that AI has been mostly in the realm of movies, not TV shows. Few television series are based on artificial intelligence as a premise; rather, the AI ​​tends to be tackled in single episodes here and there.

And when AI is portrayed, it is often fantastical rather than realistic. In many ways, AI has become synonymous with "human but not really," as if robots could become so human that we couldn't tell the difference. We haven't even passed the Turing test. What is the Turing test and will it ever be passed? What is the Turing test and will it ever be beaten? The Turing test is intended to determine whether machines think. Did Eugene Goostman's show really pass the Turing test, or did the creators just cheat? Read More .

This kind of mismanagement of the AI ​​concept has led to common tropes like the inability to tell AIs apart from humans, or AIs wanting to be more human, or movies highlighting the “one difference” that will forever separate AIs. humans from AIs. Too far from reality to be plausible...yet.

But there are Two outstanding examples of AI done right.

HAL 9000 in 2001:A Space Odyssey and sonny in I robot . Whether you thought these movies were good or not is irrelevant. The fact is that they portrayed AI relatively well, which shouldn't be a surprise, since both films were based on books written by renowned science fiction authors (Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, respectively).

HAL 9000's capabilities were influenced by hypotheses and conjectures put forth by well-known computer scientists in the 1960s, while Sonny relied on Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, three realistic guidelines for keeping AIs at bay. .You are are the types of AI we need to see more of in the entertainment industry.

Instead, we have exaggerated representations like Su , where the protagonist falls in love with a generic AI who is basically human, except that she does not have a physical body. The movie is certainly a romantic drama, and it hits a lot of emotional notes that make it a worthwhile movie. Attention Internet! The best movies about artificial intelligence attention, internet! The Best Movies About Artificial Intelligence Hollywood has released a lot of great movies exploring the issues of AI over the years, and here are 10 of the best movies about AI that we recommend will move Heaven and Earth. to... Read More what real AI looks like.

On the other hand, we have titles like Interstellar that truly redefines the cinematic experience with honest explorations of sci-fi concepts. The Best Time Travel Movies of All Time The Best Time Travel Movies of Time Travel can make even the most boring movies more interesting. And the best time travel movies are really fascinating segments of cinema. You really should see these movies, either now or in the future. Read More TARS, the AI ​​entity in the movie, has some physical exaggerations that seem unrealistic, but the actual intelligence is ingrained enough to feel like it could be real.

Battlestar Galactica

There aren't many examples of AI on TV, but one significant show that addressed the idea to some degree was the one that was reimagined. Battlestar Galactica , which includes a primitive form of AI (robotic Cylon centurions) and an advanced form of AI (humanoid Cylons).

While Battlestar Galactica We received praise for pushing the traditional boundaries of sci-fi television, focusing more on character drama than clever special effects. We cannot ignore the poor artificial intelligence that builds the program.

Most of the show revolves around the notion of, "The Cylons look like us!" and, “Who is a Cylon? Are you a cylon? So, once the identity of various Cylons became known, the show revolved around the question of, “Are Cylons and humans really different??” Nothing new here, but thankfully the strength of the show's characters redeemed this brilliant sci-fi TV show 10+ Brilliant Sci-Fi TV Shows That Aren't Star Trek [Stuff to Watch] Science Fiction That Aren't Star Trek [Things To Watch] The best science fiction movies are often cherished by fans and placed high up, but it's the television shows that make up the bread and butter of the media diet of any geek. A good TV… Read more .


TV's most recent attempt to tackle artificial intelligence, at least at the time of writing, is Humans , a British-American remake of the Swedish show. True Humans .

Here we have a premise that we have seen time and time again:in the near future, human-like androids called "Synthesizers" have become widely integrated into society. These synths aren't exactly human, but they're close enough that the line starts to blur, and the writers have a lot of fun exploring the consequences.

In terms of breaking new ground, Humans It is, unfortunately, a disappointment. We've heard all these philosophical questions before, and the show offers no new or original answers, but above all, the real AI is more fantastic than real. That said, the show itself is fun and compelling to watch.

What this shows us is that more Movies and TV shows don't know how to handle AI in a way that stays true to reality without sacrificing narrative tension. If it is also close to realistic, then it borders on boring, so a lot of writers extrapolate and push the AI ​​into fantasy territory, because that's what people want to see...

Person of interest

This is why Person of Interest deserves high praise for the way it tackles the whole concept of artificial intelligence. It's a high-concept show that's loaded with action and conspiracy, but the show's essence of life is as realistic as it gets in Hollywood.

Warning:slight spoilers are approaching.

In the first episode, we discover that a brilliant computer scientist named Mr. Finch, after 9/11 and at the behest of the US government, built a massive artificial intelligence that digests all the surveillance footage from around the world. country to predict acts of terror before they happen.

The AI ​​is called The Machine and what is immediately striking is the way this artificial intelligence communicates with Mr. Finch:by producing the social security number of anyone who may be involved in a criminal act, except that number could belong to the victim. or the perpetrator.

I'm paraphrasing the premise here, but I want to highlight this AI because it's the closest thing to "real" we've seen on TV. It doesn't speak. It's not omnipotent. But most importantly, it doesn't fit inside his pocket. Later, we see that the machine is a huge High-end server cluster that barely fits inside a warehouse complex..

That's it What the real AI would look like. There are no smartphone personalities that are "basically human." There is no human shell with such complex intelligence that we cannot differentiate it from other humans. The Machine is simply a super-powerful supercomputer with extraordinary yet plausible capabilities, and it never works in a messed-up way. It has a set of directives by which it must operate, and it does.

Later on, The Machine has his abilities expanded, but never exceeds his limits. It never breaks free of the directives that bind it. It is intelligent and can communicate, but only through numbers, and it only communicates the information it was intended to process.

Person of interest he exercises creative liberties here and there, but always remembers the world he built and stays true to the rules of his artificial intelligence. Is it a surprise to discover that this series is supervised by Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan?

Black mirror

More shows are starting to approach AI from a more realistic angle. For example, Black Mirror , One of the best shows to hit the small screen in the last decade. This revamped twilight zone with a tech-based twist it's like an anthology of short stories with each episode providing a stand-alone story and a whole new cast each time.

The fourth episode of the series, titled. “I'll Be Right Back” involves a woman who loses her partner in a car accident and subsequently buys a built-to-order virtual AI that analyzes all her online messages and social media profiles to emulate her personality and mannerisms. . Essentially, she ends up talking to the ghost of her..

This is all pretty far-fetched, certainly more speculative than Person of Interest - but the idea of ​​using online data to piece together one's personality takes you a step into "this could really happen" territory (especially since it's already happening 5 Inspiring TED Talks On Social Media You Must See 5 Inspiring Social Media Networks social media TED must-see social media has taken over the internet. There are plenty of people trying to figure out the power of social media. They've even given TED talks that are well worth a watch. Read More)

The genius of Black Mirror is that it takes this episode even one step further, with the aim of exploring the possible consequences of this type of AI and the emotional consequences that could occur in a situation like this.

Artificial intelligence is coming soon

In an age where TV is full of shows that rely on technology and profanity, did you notice these hilarious TV and movie telecommuting? Did you see these fun TV and Movie Tech games? Hollywood has never been good with technological verisimilitude. Which means that the technologies are distorted because the writers and directors are lazy. Here are some prime examples of his nonchalant attitude to get things right. Read More and NCIS - It's refreshing to watch shows like Person of Interest and Black Mirror do justice to this wonderful area of ​​technology that we are only just beginning to understand.

They did well and it was worth seeing..

For those still skeptical about the advent of artificial intelligence, take a look at these robots that paint, write and make music. It's Happening:Robots May Be the Creative Artists of the Future It's Happening:Robots May Be the Creative Artists of the Future No machine or piece of software can emulate an artist's passion, right? Wrong, kind of Human creativity is important, but, sorry, robots are coming for you too. Read more . Very Soon, Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over Skilled Jobs 8 Skilled Jobs That May Soon Be Replaced By Robots 8 Skilled Jobs That May Soon Be Replaced By Robots Are machines coming for your job? You would be surprised. Recent advances in AI are putting white-collar jobs at risk. Read More Perhaps we will enter an era of AI-powered dystopia. What happens when robots can do all the jobs? What happens when robots can do all the jobs? Robots are getting smarter fast, what happens when they can do every job better and cheaper than humans? Read more . Maybe we won't.

Have you seen realistic examples of artificial intelligence on TV? What do you think AI will look like in the future? Which movies or shows will be proven correct? Please share with us in the comments below!