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Fortnite Cosmic Summer:new event, rewards and more

Fortnite Cosmic Summer started yesterday and will run until July 5. Battle Royal from Epic Games comes up with interesting events and modes from time to time to entertain the player base. Like visitors not even from this planet, players have been invited to this summer party no matter what hemisphere they are in!

In this alien celebration, players can enjoy fan-favorite creative LTMs, unlock summer-themed rewards, and don their best beachwear with new and old outfits. Epic has already released an invitation to a "Cosmic Summer Celebration" party to be held on Believer Beach. The article details all about it.

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Fortnite Cosmic Summer:rewards and details

This summer, Epic Games is set to launch an epic two-week summer event. From now until July 5, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. ET, the excitement among Alien enthusiasts is building to a full welcome party, Epic said. Popular Creative LTMs returning for Cosmic Summer are Bios Zone Wars Trio 1.0, Custom Teams, Pro 100, Freaky Flights, Air Royale, and The Pit, FFA. In these particular LTMs, or just the islands themselves, players can complete quests to unlock rewards suitable for ANY beach party.

For completing two Cosmic Summer Quests, players will unlock the Believer Beach Loading Screen , a representation of the impassioned POI. For completing six, players will unlock the Ice Pop Wrap , making your gear look like a colorful cold treat. And for completing twelve, players will unlock the Little Gluttony Emote , ideal for bringing the sweetness yourself! As Epic also mentioned, unlock the Brain Freeze Back Bling popsicle then each of its flavours, the Cloud Lama Glider surfboard then its range of designs, and much more!

Fortnite is known for its interactive in-game events, parties, and concerts. Players can also expect the same this summer. Epic will be hosting a huge in-game Cosmic Summer event. The "Cosmic Summer Celebration" party which Epic Games has invited players from all over the world seems to be the main event, besides that many more can be expected events, quests and surprises, according to SlashGear.

New outfits and packs will also debut over the cosmic summer, bringing beach-ready versions of classic island stars. Epic urged players to take to the air with Midsummer Midas, show off the beach bodyguard with Beach Brutus, have fun in the summer with Scuba Crystal, and combine R&R with R&D with Beach Jules. Returning summer outfits will also join the party, like Summer Drift and Unpeely.

All LTMs (and their quests) will become available sequentially during the Cosmic Summer, and they will remain available until the end of the event.

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