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When will Free Fire OB31 update and Clash Squad season 10 release?

Garena Free Fire was named Mobile Game of the Year 2021 at the recently held Esports Awards 2021 at Esports Stadium Arlington Texas. Here in this article, we will be looking at Free Fire OB31 update date and Clash Squad Season 10 release.

The title is known for its unique features and special game mechanics. The developers keep updating the app by introducing frequent OB patch updates. This new patch update offers players new features and improvisations for the title. The OB31 Advanced Server is now open and players can also try out the Advanced Server. Let's take a look at Free Fire OB31 Update and Clash Squad Season 10 New Release.

When will the Free Fire OB31 update be released?

Garena released the Free Fire OB31 Advance server earlier this week. The OB31 advanced server will end on November 25th and after that, the OB31 update will hit the main server. Garena has not communicated any date regarding the release of the OB31 update. However, if we look at previous trends, we can safely say that the update will hit the servers on November 30.

Free Fire Esports player Nobru wins Esports Personality of the Year at the 2021 Esports Awards

We can assume this as it comes from the trend as previous updates start one day before the end of the Gold Royale and the end of the Clash Squad season. This season of Clash Squad and Gold Royale ends on December 1, which means the update can be released on November 30.

Free Fire Clash Squad Season 10 Start Date

As we mentioned above, the new Season 10 of Free Fire Clash Squad will hit the servers on December 2. As the current Clash Squad Season 9 will end on December 1st, Clash Squad Rankings will be reset and new Rankings will be assigned based on player rankings achieved in the previous Season.

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