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Riot X Arcane Valorant event gives away Arcane Pass and free rewards

The all-new Riot X Arcane event has introduced the free Arcane Pass for all players in the game which provides everyone who completes it with in-game rewards. Riot Games has introduced this special month-long event with various experiences and rewards for players across all Riot games to celebrate the launch of Arcane, the League of Legends animated series.

Players can take advantage of the new free Arcane Pass and other in-game rewards by completing missions in RiotX Arcane. The article talks about the RIOT X Arcane event and lists all the free players and the rewards players will receive in the game.

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Riot X Arcane Event

The new VALORANT Arcane Pass is a collaboration with Netlfix's Arcane Movie, an animated series set in the League of Legends universe. VALORANT Arcane Pass is a free battlepass like reward system for players to receive free gifts. Riot has brought a free event pass to Valorant to celebrate the release of Arcane, the animated League of Legends show on Netflix.

In the official RiotX Arcane blog, it was said that it is a celebration of many things, including the release of Arcane, the games, and the moments that bring all players together.

There will be two different tiers of rewards in this free pass. The first can be obtained by increasing the level of the pass as you play. The second can be earned by performing specific actions such as watching the Global Premiere event on Twitch.

Riot X Arcane is divided into three parts that follow the themes of the show:Global League Finals and Super Weekend Arcane Premiere which will take place on November 6. It all starts with the World Finals, where there will be an Arcane-themed Open Show presented by Mastercard, with music straight from Arcane.

This will continue in the world premiere, hosted live on Twitch and co-streamed by many streamers, with viewing rewards in all RIOT games. Fans can enjoy plenty of new content in every Riot title and crossover content in every game.

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