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Fortnite Icy Grappler:new exotic weapon in season 8

The new Fortnite Icy Grappler is an all-new Exotic weapon that allows players to swing across the map and glide into battle. Fortnite has already launched its recent update, the Fortnite New Update v18.30, after the release of Fortnite Season 8 and released a brand new weapon in the game. It is one of two weapons that have been added to the game after yesterday's Fortnite update. The article talks about the launch of a new Exotic weapon named Icy Grappler in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Icy Grappler:new exotic weapon in season 8

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Fortnite Ice Grappler

Fortnite is a very popular battle royale game published by Epic Games. It probably has one of the biggest fan and player bases in the world. Recently, they had released the new Fortnite update which takes a twist in the game around the war effort. In the official Blog, it was informed that the new Fortnite 18.30 update also releases two new weapons in the wargame, including the Fortnite Icy Grappler.

Fortnite's new Icy Grappler allows players to move around the map and charge into battle. It will increase a person's mobility in the game and players can't really damage anyone with it. However, with this new utility, players can roam the map like a superhero online. But players' feet will be colder afterwards and they might struggle to stick the landing. An NPC named Fabio Sparklemane will sell the icy grappling hook for 300 gold bars.

Fortnite Icy Grappler:new exotic weapon in season 8

This NPC is located in Apres Ski which is in the southern part of the map, at the Apres Ski hut at the top of the mountain southwest of Misty Meadows. Players must go to the Apres Ski cabin, interact with Fabio Sparklemane, select the option to buy the icy grappling hook and finally confirm the purchase.

Players can use it to traverse the map or gain high ground. But, the Icy Grappler will encase the player's feet in ice when firing. This will cause players to slide when they land and make their movement slippery. But moving at full speed after using the icy grappling hook could work in the player's favor.

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