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Fortnite IO Guards in season 8:new information leak

Fortnite IO Guards are one of many forms of Fortnite NPCs in Season 8. But, instead of giving players quests like everyone else, they attack players on the site, creating a pesky fight that other players don't. will not fail to hear. All IO guards have now moved from their large satellite stations to smaller bases and new information has been leaked by data miners about these NPCs. The article talks about the new leaks revealing the Fortnite IO Guards Season 8 masks are finally coming off and more.

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Fortnite IO Guards masks come off

IO Guards in Fortnite:Battle Royale is an AI. They were introduced in Chapter 2:Season 5 and appear in elevators in various locations around the map. They were reintroduced in Chapter 2:Season 7 and appear at IO Satellite Stations, OI Camps, and Corny Complex. The Fortnite IO Guards have been talked about due to their mysterious appearances.

"There is an unreleased IO spawn location/base named 'IO – B', and there is also an unmasked version of IO Guards and an IO skin (800 V dollars).. we might finally see all of this when Slone finally reached the Bunker in the next 1-3 updates! said HYPEX. It has been revealed that there is an unmasked version of the Fortnite IO Guards which has yet to be released by Epic Games.

Trained to protect IO bases, these guards carry special weapons that can be obtained by defeating them. The data miner also revealed that there is a cosmetic belonging to the IO Guards that will be featured in the Item Shop. The cosmetic costs around 800 V-Bucks and has not yet been released by the developers.

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