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Top 5 Best Emotes in Free Fire to Get Special Effects

Best emotes in Free Fire: Free Fire is a popular BR game that has several unique in-game elements that make players stick with it more often. Like all other BR titles, Free Fire also contains such unique emotes. Players can use themselves in the game to express a fun way of communication between other players.

SummaryBest emotes in Free Fire to get special effects5) Tea time4) Eat my dust3) Best DJ2) FFWC Throne1) Obliteration

In Free Fire, emotes are fan-favorite customizations. Some emotes feature quite complex animations and special visual effects than others. Emotes can be obtained individually or as part of a bundle. Even though there are a bunch of emoticons to choose from, a few of them really stand out and have huge community appeal.

Let's look at the best emotes in Free Fire to get special effects

Best emotes-in-free-fire-to-get-special-effects

5) Tea time

Tea Time is a relatively popular emote used by many Youtube stars, which is probably why Tea Time was so prevalent among Free Fire players. He molds a blue colored tea table and chair, where the character creator can sit and sip tea. The emote was added to the game in July 2020 and was available in a Dual Wheel event.

4) Eat my dust

Eat my dust is a famous emote among many players and one of the most desired iconic emotes. When activated, your character will summon a gold-colored sports car and jump on the top edge of it. Surprisingly, there really isn't a sports car skin like this in the game.

This is the largest item called by an emote. Nobody really intends to generate a car from scratch… and the bouncing visual looks extreme.

3) Best DJ

DJ Alok is one of the most coveted characters in Free Fire and he continues to be the most used character in Free Fire. Her ability is so versatile and can be used for both aggressive and passive gameplay. Summit Emote DJ is inspired by DJ Alok, and it's super fun when used.

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2) FFWC Throne

The FFWC Throne emote was first released in the 2019 Free Fire World Cup series. The character sits on the big golden throne, which pops up out of nowhere and looks so tall from range. The emote is still widely used by players after getting a booyah, giving a royal feeling of achieving something royal.

1) Obliteration

This is an emote from the Free Fire x One Punch Man partnership that was released this year. It is a well-known anime series about a protagonist who can annihilate his opponents with a single punch. This emote allows players to emulate One Punch Man's trademark strike, "Saitama", a powerful attack that can really shake the world on its own.

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