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See what YOU want with a Clickbait Movie Chart

#ClickBaitAMovie Started the trend on Twitter. What happened next will surprise you.

Or more realistic, have fun. Twitter receives many benefits, but it is populated by very smart and resourceful people. 20 essential Twitter accounts that you must follow. 20 essential twitter accounts you need to follow. Twitter is only as good as the people you follow. Literally. Fortunately, there are at least 20 essential Twitter accounts that everyone should follow. Read on to find out what they are. Read More Or is stupidity just more visible online? Are we getting fools? Or is stupidity just more visible online? If the studies are correct, I may be too dumb to read this a couple of decades from now. Or, in fact, you may be too smart to want to. Read more.

What is Clickbait? Why should you care?

Well, it's a bait for ... clicks. It's a catchy headline, used to grab your attention and lure you into a dark realm Why Buzzfeed's Business Model Is Doomed Why Buzzfeed's Business Model Is Doomed BuzzFeed is really popular now, but their business guarantees that no one will trust or like you in the long run. Read more . Clickbait titles often throw innuendo at you faster than a Continue movie (much of it aimed at men because we're more gullible), and we often indulge in phrases like:

  • “A man discovered electricity. What happened next will shock you.”
  • “Lindsay Lohan figured out how to avoid taxes. Obama hates her personally.”
  • “This simple life hack will have girls flocking to you as if you were a particularly handsome shepherd.”

As for why you should care... Perhaps because it's gradually taking over the internet? And it's doing it because the writers have got lazy Spotted an effective way to grab their attention. To be perfectly frank, it works, and it's not going away any time soon; This is the lexicon of the Internet.

But wait a minute!

See what YOU want with a Clickbait Movie Chart

Most MakeUseOf Readers Hate Clickbait Buzzworthy:5 Clickbait Headlines Guaranteed To Annoy [We Ask Results] Buzzworthy:5 Clickbait Headlines Guaranteed To Annoy [We Ask Results] You might consider the headline of this article clickbait. But it's not, honestly. Read More 10 Sure Signs It's Down To Click Bait 10 Sure Signs It's Down To Click Click On Bait With The Onion's new satirical post, Clickhole, social media has Finally got a good look in the mirror. If you were unconscious from clicking the bait, it's time for you to wake up. Read more . I am sorry. However, it can be a force for good Upworthy is not as horrible as you may think [Opinion] Upworthy is not as horrible as you may think [Opinion] Upworthy gets a lot of hate as "clickbaity", a tabloid website That's for stealing content and promote yourself. Is it pure internet evil or does it deserve some credit? Read more ! No, drop those pitchforks..

It's about intrigue. This often lures you into useless topics like spheres, blunt pencils, and Kanye West, but what if he's used to it? actually educate yourself ? Previously, Twitter showed us the light by clicking novels The 10 Best #ClickbaitBooks On Twitter. Number 7 is amazing. Top 10 #ClickbaitBooks on Twitter. Number 7 is amazing. Twitter users recently turned their favorite book plots into clickbait, and you won't believe what happened next... Read More , Life of Pi, and 1984 . Also:Fifty Shades of Grey .

Midnight, a Comedy Central show, launched #ClickBaitAMovie In the world:exists to entertain and inform. But above all to entertain..

Here are 10 of the best. And if you think there were some bad jokes here, you should be thankful we didn't include Groundhog Day !

Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer

With less than six months to go until Christmas (I'm sorry I told some of you about this), it's about time we remembered Rudolf's heroics. This 1964 tale is an unlikely classic, seemingly turning Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen and others into Nelson Muntz figures. Why? Rudolf has a red nose. Hey, it's cold in the North Pole!

His vision of the future gives hope to all those avid Gaul users, who remain desperate until that day there is a considerable puddle in the path of the school gates..

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

I don't remember Cringey in the 1937 Disney lineup.

Of course, the original dwarves of the Brothers Grimm did not have names, so the following productions accumulated many oddities. Among the mix, we find Chubby, Quee, Critterina, Butcher, Spanky, Sunburn and Axlerod. It is not a joke. Cringey could be part of a new Urban Dictionary list..

Lara Croft:Tomb Raider

In case some guys were asleep.

As a result of the lucrative video game franchise, Tomb Raider starring Angelina Jolie as a reckless know-it-all who can hang from curtains and the like. Archeology experts gave the film a strong thumbs up after Mrs. Croft left the regulation team in favor of guns and tight clothing. Regular viewers gave it a thumbs down because it was abysmal.

Fantastic Four

It's not out yet, but this controversial movie is already urging people to pump iron for a hard exterior. Just watching Bambi A couple of times should toughen you up.

Hardly a bikini body:This Thing got in trouble for appearing nude at a recent comic book convention. (Now that Ladies and gentlemen, it's clickbait!)

Snakes on a plane

Frankly, it could be anything. A bad meal? Secrets of SHIELD? Kate Moss calls it a basic b**ch? You never know these days...

Ma'am. Doubtfire

(Don't make a Caitlyn Jenner prank, don't make a Caitlyn Jenner prank, don't make a Caitlyn Jenner prank.)

The long-lost Robin Williams will live on in the minds of millions as the voice of the Genie, as Mork, and of course as Mrs. Doubtfire, a man so desperate to see his children that he pretends to be an older nanny. . There's probably an au pair gag available somewhere if you can handle it.

A Clockwork Orange

This famous 1971 film directed by Stanley Kubrick quickly gained cult status with its promotion of TRESemmé hair care. Probably. I don't know:I've never seen it. I just googled “A Clockwork Orange ” and something occurred to him about conditioning.


There's nothing like infiltrating a sex trafficking operation, mutilating mobsters, and witnessing multiple heroin overdoses to warm your heart. Liam Neeson's role in this 2008 French thriller was slightly different than his part in Love Actually; This time, it didn't end with Claudia Schiffer.

Forrest Gump

There's nothing like Twitter to make you realize that life is like a box of chocolates:mostly nice ones, but with a few nuts.

This 90's classic from the Tom stars. “Prettiest Man in Hollywood” As a much-loved cowboy, bewildered and jealous of the new toy in town, Buzz Lig:wait, he's not cool, is he??

Captain America:The First Avenger

Every MakeUseOf writer would click on this one, guaranteed, apart from Dave Parrack, who's already in his physical prime and just so happens to be the editor of this article..

Clickbait gets results

Look, if you thought there were some bad jokes in there, you should be thankful we didn't include Groundhog Day. ! The truth is that #ClickBaitAMovie is essentially doing synopsis writer jobs for them. It's pretty easy to make movies sound amazing. Look!

That could mean any Jurassic Park movie, or even The Expendables . Cinema may be dying. Are you responsible for the death of cinema? Are you responsible for the death of cinema? The cinema is in its death throes. But why? Shall we blame the shit movie directors? Alternate display options now available? Or are you personally responsible? Let's figure this out. Read More This knowledge can be used to persuade your family and friends to watch the movie of your choice.

Imagine the scene:You and your other half have the night to yourself and decide to spend it watching a movie. You have one movie in mind, while he or she has another in mind. You can't decide between the two movies, and neither is willing to back down. Stagnation.

However, you have a secret tactic up your sleeve. You click on the movie, selling it to your partner, parents, children or friends in a new and exciting way. They are forced to change their minds and let you watch the movie of your choice. So it turns out that clickbait may be a force for good after all.

#ThinkYouCanDoBetter, Punk?

Having read the best clickbait movies Twitter could have, now it's your turn to offer your own alternative synopsis. Please let us know your clickbait movie plot in the comments section below, and the best one wins a fantastic prize casual taunt.