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7 ways you can help save YouTube from itself

YouTube is the Internet's home for video, but it's had a pretty rough year.

After a scare over their ads being seen before inappropriate content, advertisers removed their video ads en masse. This was known as the “adpocalypse” It's harder to make money making YouTube videos Now It's harder to make money making YouTube videos Aspiring YouTubers need to reach 10,000 views before they can even think about making money from advertising. Which sucks for the smallest YouTubers, but is a win for everyone else. Read More Video uploads are now marked as ineligible for monetization for seemingly no reason.

The YouTube Kids app has been inundated with creepy videos. YouTube targets videos inappropriate for children. YouTube focuses on videos that are inappropriate for children. But it is a big problem that will not be solved overnight. Read more dressed up as children's cartoons. What starts out as videos featuring Peppa Pig characters , Frozen , and other popular children's shows turn into violent, inappropriate and terrifying scenes.

And many YouTube stars focus on videos that are inappropriate for children. YouTube focuses on inappropriate videos for children. YouTube is taking steps to address the issue of inappropriate or exploitative videos directed at children. But it is a big problem that will not be solved overnight. Read More was attacked in 2017 for various stupid actions. In fact, 2018 started off on the wrong foot for this very reason. Popular YouTuber Logan Paul filmed himself exploring Japan's infamous Sea of ​​Trees and captured video footage of a man who had just taken his own life.

Add this to transparency issues with YouTube and content creators, like not letting subscribers know about new videos, and you have a worrying set of issues. Fortunately, you, as an ordinary user, can improve YouTube in 2018.

1. Stop watching videos from creators you don't like

This is one of the most important as views have it all on YouTube. 10 Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos You Can Make Today 10 Most Popular Types of YouTube Videos You Can Make Today If you want to start a YouTube channel today, these are the most popular types. of video you can do. Read more . As much as you may hate a channel, the worst thing you can do is share it with a comment like "Can you believe how terrible this is??" Not only is the number of views for the video increasing, but anyone who sees it because they shared it is also giving the creator more money through ads.

A view is a view, no matter if you're happy to watch a video or you're watching with disgust. So if you hate what the Fino Brothers tried to do, why did your favorite video disappear from YouTube? Why your favorite video just disappeared from YouTube? We suspect that, like us, you have found one of your favorite videos suddenly and inexplicably removed from YouTube. And it is extremely annoying. So you might as well understand the reasons behind it. Read More Ignore them completely and you'll do everything you can to diminish their presence on YouTube.

2. Report videos that you think have broken the rules

YouTube has general policies that guide what you can include in videos. Videos Containing Nudity, Graphic Violence, Child Danger 6 Sites Every Parent Should Add To Their Block List Today 6 Sites Every Parent Should Add To Their Block List Today Kids, Omegle, and YouTube Periscope Are Being Wrong used by people who could harm your child. You're Not Alone Here are six seemingly innocent sites every parent should add to their block list today. Read More

On any video, you can click the three dots Menu button and choose Report . Then select the criteria you violate, and a YouTube staff member will review the flag to determine if it's legitimate.

7 ways you can help save YouTube from itself

It's important to note that Reports aren't for videos you don't agree with. . You shouldn't report a video just because you don't like the channel or the creator's opinions. Only use reports for videos that actually break YouTube's rules.

3. Vote with the thumbs up/down button all the time

YouTube uses a simple thumbs up/thumbs down voting system. If you like the video, please take a moment to approve it. When you don't like one, give it a thumbs down. Contrary to popular belief, upvoting / downvoting is a proper way to express your opinion.

Did the video make you laugh, answer your question, or pique your interest? Give it a taste. Couldn't follow the instructions, thought the creator's plot was lacking, or weren't interested in watching to the end? Click thumb down.

7 ways you can help save YouTube from itself

Videos with a lot of thumbs up votes are more likely to show up in suggestion lists and appear earlier in search. Also, if you click on a video and see that it has a ton of dislikes Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time With so much content on YouTube, it's always fun to watch the best , or, In this case, the worst, the videos. Let's see which YouTube videos have become the most hated... Read More

4. Avoid mainstream channels, find YouTube originals

For the last few years, YouTube released a Rewind video in December. Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2016 May Surprise You Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2016 May Surprise You YouTube has revealed the most popular videos to be posted on its platform in 2016. There are celebrities galore, zombies, Donald Trump and that silly "Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen" thing. Read more . It's meant to round up the year's events, viral videos, and memes, and features plenty of YouTube stars.

Who did the 2017 video start with? Well, of course, it's everyone's favourite, Stephen Colbert!

Stephen Colbert is a TV host and he doesn't owe YouTube credit for his success. He shouldn't be in a YouTube highlights video of the year..

This is just one of several issues with this video and YouTube in general. He was criticized by many YouTube fans for ignoring the creators who make YouTube great. The video also ignores the problems YouTube had in 2017, instead doing it safely and with a bunch of cookie cut faces.

So we recommend avoiding the “big” channels that didn't get their start on YouTube. VEVO music video channels don't make YouTube great, and neither do late-night TV hosts. Ignore them and find channels that only YouTube could have made possible. We have discussed some pretty unique YouTube channels 10 Unique YouTube Channels You Must Watch 10 Unique YouTube Channels You Must Watch There is a lot of great content available to watch on YouTube. The problem is sorting the wheat from the chaff. These unique YouTube channels should help... Read More

The hypocrisy of YouTube

Worse yet, YouTube shows its double standard with these top channels.

YouTube removed ads from a video raising money for victims of the October 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, while allowing ads to run on Jimmy Kimmel's video about it.

And Popular Music Videos That Feature Explicit Sexual Content and Language Should YouTube Music Videos Have Age Ratings? Should YouTube Music Videos Have Age Ratings? Rihanna, Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. There's little doubt that music videos have gotten riskier in recent years, but is it right to impose age ratings on music videos on YouTube and Vevo? Read More Meanwhile, normal channels watch demonetized videos for trivial reasons. It's embarrassing.

And then there's the case of Jon Drinks Water, which we featured in our list of weird channels 11 Crazy YouTube Channels You Need To See To Believe 11 Crazy YouTube Channels You Need To See To Believe There are a lot of weird videos on YouTube, but take one person. really crazy to create a whole channel full of them. Here are 11 crazy YouTube channels that we've discovered from the depths of YouTube. Read more . The creator regularly uploaded videos of himself drinking a bottle of water and had a decent following. In December 2016, YouTube decided to suspend his channel because "it violated the spam policy." He appealed the claim and received an automated response three minutes later, confirming it..

What a way to treat a creator who spent thousands of hours creating content for his website, huh?

5. Share videos and follow creators on social media

Remember when we said you should ignore videos you don't like? Do the exact opposite for videos you like. Make sure to upload videos from your favorite channels. When you find a great new channel, spread its content with your friends and on social platforms. Getting the word out helps content creators, especially newcomers, reach a larger audience.

Also, it's a good idea to follow your favorite YouTubers on social sites. 6 Cool Ways To Find New People On Twitter 6 Cool Ways To Find New People On Twitter Twitter, by its very nature, provides an endless supply of interesting and engaging Twitter accounts. waiting to be discovered. Here is how to find them. Read More Not only will they give you a hint of what they're up to, but YouTube has had trouble alerting subscribers to new videos in the past. Following your favorite channel on Twitter means you have a better chance of picking up new videos right away.

6. Consider paying for YouTube Red

We've raised some concerns about YouTube Red 4 Reasons YouTube Red is Bad for the YouTube Community 4 Reasons YouTube Red is Bad for the YouTube Community Google just announced YouTube Red. YouTube is a different kind of service with a great community. So is YouTube Red good or bad for the video site in the long run? Read More Creators make money from ads when you watch their videos, but with Red you can support creators even without watching.

In fact, popular YouTuber TotalBiscuit estimated that he earns up to 20 times the revenue from a Red user watching a video than from a standard user. YouTube distributes money from Red fees based on the number of subscribers who watch a channel. So if a Red subscriber watches a channel often, they are bringing in more money than the ads.

7. Support creators through direct methods

If you don't want to use YouTube Red, you have other options to support your favorite channels.

Liking and sharing helps content creators tremendously. But if you really want to support your favorite channels, pay a few bucks. 4 Unusual Ways to Monetize Your Creative Content 4 Unusual Ways to Monetize Your Creative Content Are you a creative person? Perhaps you are a fictional author, or an investigative journalist? Monetizing your work is complicated. Here are four of the best ways to monetize content without an inch of advertising. Read More Many YouTubers have Patreon accounts, a service that allows you to donate a small amount per month. In exchange, most YouTubers offer exclusive updates, early access to videos, and similar benefits.

If your favorite channels are often broadcast live on YouTube, the Super Chat feature allows you to donate some money to promote your comments. Not only is your question more likely to receive recognition during the broadcast, but it also supports the creator financially. And check the description on the videos to see if that creator has an item shop. Buying a shirt or a mug helps..

You've probably watched your favorite channels for hours, so donating just $5 or $10 is a small token of your appreciation. It will mean the world to them, especially in uncertain times with video demonetization happening regularly.

We can help save YouTube!

YouTube has many problems that only the company can solve. But we, the regular users who watch a billion hours of YouTube every day, can also make a difference. By supporting the amazing creators who bring YouTube to life, reporting inappropriate content to make YouTube safer, and making your voice heard, you make a significant contribution to the YouTube community. How You Can Make the Most of the Social Side of YouTube The Social Side of YouTube YouTube is a social network. Even if you don't run a channel, YouTube can be useful for engaging with the community. But why would you want to meet random YouTubers? And how? Read more.

Hopefully this time next year, we'll look back and have a much more positive discussion about the year that was on YouTube.

Do you financially support any YouTube channels? If so, how? What are your favorite channels that more people should know about? Please share your suggestions in the comments below!