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Cémantix, Wordle, Tusmo… These online games that will make you addicted

Nothing better than a little game to spend your lunch break in the best conditions except when this little hobby causes you a few headaches. Wordle, Cémantix, Tusmo... Focus on hobbies that are coming to work.

Exercise your brain is a good thing. We knew the classic crosswords, arrow words or even the mythical Sudoku. Now make way for their successors:Cémantix, Tusmo or Wordle . Their goal is simple:find the right word. But, when it gets complicated, you have to really work on it.

Cémantix, the king of addiction

Over the past few weeks, if you've opened Twitter, you must have seen several similar messages beginning with:"19760th to find Cémantix nº29, in 94 moves!". This is the new game of the moment. The famous Cémantix is simple, you will have to find a word. A simple word from the French language. If on paper it seems simple, after a few seconds you understand that you have embarked on the endless universe that is the French language.

Because words, there are many, really many. Our dictionaries have more than 32,000 . To help you find the word, "hot" and "cold" indicators, marked with emoticons, will help you. There are approximately 999 , from furthest (1) to closest (999) to find the answer. But watch out , close words are not necessarily linked by their root. They are part of the common lexical field. Beware, addiction and nervousness are to be expected!

Tusmo, Sutom, Wordle... the new Motus

You all necessarily have in mind the show Motus presented by Thierry Beccaro and its famous black and yellow balls. Well, for some time, its derivative versions exist. Tusmo and Sutom will be your allies to kill your boredom. Based on the same principle with the same features as the famous game show .

However, the public service channel had initially, and given the success of the game, planned to sue its creator to change his name. A closure of its platform was even mentioned before its owner backtracked to the delight of fans. The game Wordle is also based on the same principle as the other two. And for each, a common point:only one word to find per day .

Wordle teutef, the hardest

But there is another one that will make you work on your geographical knowledge. The Wordle teuteuf offers you to find a country, an island or a state of the United States only thanks to its shape. And if that of France, Germany or Brazil is known to everyone, it's a different pair of sleeves when it comes to recognizing that of the Sandwich Islands or Belize. You have up to six tries to find the geographic territory. At each error, a clue as to the proximity to the real answer is offered. As with previous games, only one trial per day.