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How to get characters for free in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max is the latest version of popular mobile battle royale title Garena Free Fire. The title has improved graphics and mechanics. Here in this article we will see how to get characters for free in Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max also has a huge character roster of 43 characters with unique skills. The title features a 360-degree lobby with high-definition graphics that make characters look cleaner and better than in Free Fire. Let's see how to get free characters in Free Fire Max.

Get characters for free in Free Fire Max

Players can get new and old players in the game for free in several ways. Here are the first three of them:

Charging Events

Garena usually releases new characters with unique abilities in cooldown events for players to get for free. Free Fire MAX regularly receives reload events when developers release a new character. Players must purchase a given number of diamonds, which allows them to claim the character for free.

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In-game events on free characters in Free Fire Max

How to get characters for free in Free Fire Max?

Garena often gives away characters for free in various exclusive events. In these special in-game events, players can choose to get a new character from the list of given characters. Recently in the events, they provided free characters to everyone in the FFIC finals. In the new Free Fire, Booyah Day event players can also claim Leon for free in Free Fire Max.

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