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How to Get Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin for Free in Galaxy Cup 2.0

Fortnite's latest collaboration has led to the Samsung Galaxy Cup 2.0 which lets you get Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin for free. The first Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Cup was held around this time last year. Galaxy Cup 2.0 will begin on August 29, and participants in each region will earn rewards, along with other free rewards available. The article talks about the latest Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Cup 2.0 rewards and how to get the Galaxy Girl skin for free.

How to Get Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin for Free in Galaxy Cup 2.0

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Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin

Previously, Samsung and Fortnite have also collaborated in the past to provide many types of skins, emotes and even tournaments for Fortnite players around the world. Fortnite had already mentioned earlier that this mode is exclusive to Android players and participants will be able to show up and compete for a chance to win rare cosmetics in advance. Therefore, the Galaxy Cup 2.0 can only be used by certain players and is restricted to eligible Android devices.

How to Get Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin for Free in Galaxy Cup 2.0

Players will have the chance to win some exciting free rewards including spray, wrap, back bling and definitely the popular Galaxy Girl skin that players love. This skin was leaked last year for the same Samsung Galaxy tournament and has become popular ever since. The Galaxy Grappler outfit, Hands of the Galaxy Back Bling, which is responsive, and the Vortextual Wrap are some of the elusive rewards available first for top players in Galaxy Cup 2.0.

Here's how you can enter the event and win a Galaxy Girl skin:

  • All players on Android using a Fortnite supported device are eligible for the event.
  • If you don't already have it, enable 2FA on your Epic account.
  • Depending on the region you come from, reach the thresholds indicated in the table below.
  • You have won a Galaxy Grappler outfit, a Hands of the Galaxy back bling, and a vortex wrap.
How to Get Fortnite Galaxy Girl Skin for Free in Galaxy Cup 2.0

Here are the points required for each region to earn the Galaxy Grappler Outfit and Hands of the Galaxy Back Bling:

RegionWinnersEurope Top 11,250NA-EastTop 5,250NA-WestTop 2,000Brazil (Latin America)Top 3,500AsiaTop 1,250Middle East Top 1,000OceaniaTop 750

Players can also browse the rest of the rules from here.

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