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What is Yahoo view and what can you see in it?

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What is Yahoo View?

Back in 2011, Yahoo had a video-on-demand site called Yahoo Screen, which was mostly for a no-fuss original web series. It was closed in January 2016 due to poor performance. Then, just seven months later, it was succeeded by the very similar, but not quite the same, Yahoo view.

Hulu decided to drop their free plan and partnered with Yahoo to download all of their free content. In other words, Yahoo View is essentially equivalent to Hulu's old free plan and works the same way.

The Yahoo View library consists primarily of the last four episodes of various television shows from ABC, FOX, and NBC. However, for shows currently airing, there is an eight-day delay between the time the episode goes live and when it appears on Yahoo View.

Also noteworthy is the section dedicated to movies, but don't flatter yourself, because the selection is neither current nor extensive. At the time of writing, I can't find a single movie that I recognize. I don't want to say that movies are bad - they just aren't mainstream.

In particular, Yahoo View is home to a lot of interesting international anime and dramas, and these are exempt from the “last four episodes” rule, which means you can watch entire seasons. All of them are available in subbed versions by default, and some are even available in dubbed format.

Finally, like Hulu, Yahoo View has “recent clips” from recently aired episodes, for example a funny little Jimmy Kimmel live or a dramatic scene from Scandal . Personally, I don't find these compelling enough to browse, but they are there in case you're interested.

All content in Yahoo View is ad supported.

Interface, quality and mobile experience

I took some time to watch a few episodes and check out the Yahoo View user experience. It's not horrible, there's enough to like that I wouldn't mind using it in the future, but it still has a lot of room for improvement.

the video player It's the exact same one used by Hulu. I personally like it because it is clean, minimalist, responsive and intuitive. Even if you're looking for an unbuffered portion, playback continues almost immediately, and the subtitle customization options are fantastic.

While there is nothing wrong with the video quality In itself, there is one big drawback that I couldn't find a way around:it can't be adjusted. Sometimes I prefer to view in low quality to save bandwidth for other uses, but Yahoo View doesn't offer any option for that.

Ads It is perhaps the worst thing about Yahoo View. For a one-hour Korean drama, I had to sit through six 90-second ad breaks (a total of about nine minutes). During a half-hour anime, I ran into three 105-second ad breaks (a total of about five minutes). Watching Too Much The Pros and Cons of Too Much TV Watching The Pros and Cons of Too Much TV Watching It's a recent phenomenon that just about everyone has done thanks to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. But for all its various pros, it also has some downsides. Read More

I'm also unhappy with the inconsistent episode selection . For example, Eternal It only has the first three episodes and the last four episodes., The Bridge (SE) has the entire first season but only the first episode of the second season (despite three full seasons in total), and Fresh Off the Boat It only has episodes 7, 9, 18 and 19 of the third season. What a disaster!

While Yahoo View is available in mobile form [No longer available], it is significantly crippled. Instead of TV episodes, you can only browse recent clips. Instead of movies, you can only search for trailers. As for full episodes, you can only watch anime. For most users, it's not worth installing.

Notable shows you can see right now

At the end of the day, a streaming service is only as good as its content. The best user experience in the world doesn't matter if you can't find anything worth watching. This is Yahoo View's biggest hurdle, but still, it's not a complete wasteland. Here are some shows you might like:

  • Empire - Drama. First three episodes, last five episodes.
  • Just arrived by boat - Comedy. Last four episodes.
  • How to get away with murder - Drama. Last five episodes.
  • MasterChef Junior - Reality. Last four episodes.
  • Scandal - Drama. Last four episodes.
  • Shark tank - Reality. Last four episodes.
  • No words - Comedy. Last five episodes.
  • The f-word - Food documentary. Three whole seasons.

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What do you think of Yahoo's view?

Before you commit too much to Yahoo View, you should know that Yahoo has retired as a public company and will be acquired by Verizon before the end of 2017, with an executive combination. It's not yet known how this may affect Yahoo's view in the future, but it's something to keep in mind.

Overall, if you consider the free version of Hulu to be an integral part of cutting the cord, should you cut the cord or keep cable TV? Should you cut the cord or keep your cable TV? If you're still stuck with your cable subscription, but are debating whether it's time to make a switch, we're here to help. This guide will help you decide. Read More If you like anime and international dramas then you will probably enjoy it. Just give it a try and don't feel bad if the content doesn't excite you.

Have you tried Yahoo View yet? If so, what do you think? If not, what would it have to offer for you to see it as a competitor to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!