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Watch Mystery Science Theater and other classic TV for free right now

Watch classic TV shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Twilight Zone, or beloved cult classics like The Weird Al Show and Mystery Science Theater 3000, free of charge. ShoutFactoryTV is a brand new (US only) streaming all cable cutters Cable Cutters - Ignore Set Top Boxes and Using a PC Instead of Cable Cutters - Ignore Cable Boxes and Using from a PC Stay away from dedicated media center devices. Your spare PC is a great alternative because it's cheap to install, more powerful, and always flexible. Read more you need to know about.

We have shown you how to watch TV online legally for free Yes, you can watch TV online legally and for free Yes, you can watch TV online legally for free Everyone knows that there are many illegal ways to watch your favorite shows online, but there are also many perfectly legal (and free) ways. Here are some of the best... Read More It won't be a replacement for HBO or Netflix any time soon, but there are probably some shows you'll want to watch. If you like to watch classic TV movies for free, you must check this out. No subscription required.

Who is Shout Factory and what is this site?

Shout Factory made a name for itself by acquiring the distribution rights to classic TV shows, usually the ones the original owners didn't bother to release on DVD, and making them available to fans. The release of the cult classic Freaks And Geeks on DVD was an early success; Today they own the rights to a wide variety of classic sitcoms and sitcoms.

While Shout Factory has long offered its shows on Hulu, this is the first streaming site that they're running themselves. Many of the videos on offer are actually just Hulu embeds, but some aren't. For example:Six episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 currently on ShoutFactoryTV are not currently offered on Hulu.

Because of this, this site is worth checking out if you love the shows Shout Factory has rights to. Even if you have no idea who Shout Factory is, this site is worth checking out if you're into classic TV.

What kind of things can I see??

As you browse through the TV shows, you will notice that the selection is not overwhelming and varies widely. There are some things you probably recognize. Some highlights:

  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show, an extremely influential sitcom from the 1970s.
  • The Twilight Zone, a sci-fi classic (no vampires involved).
  • The Practice, a popular law drama from the 1990s..

Of course, there's also some pretty weird stuff here, which is part of the point.

  • The Weird Al Show, a short-lived kids' show by the web's favorite song parodist.
  • ReBoot:Canadian quirky cartoon from the 90s, the first computer animated program.

Some movies are also offered.

You'll find some Jackie Chan classics, a couple of Steve Martin's stand up routines, the classic 1939 Western Stagecoach. There are also a lot of old horror movies.

Oh, and there's also Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, considered by some to be the worst movie of all time. But if you love bad movies, this site has much more to offer you.

Mysterious Science Theater 3000

The real reason you want to check out ShoutFactory, though, is Mystery Science Theater 3000. In case you didn't know, this show featured robots making fun of bad movies.

Seriously:these movies are horrible. It's great.

If you love this show, you may have noticed that Netflix recently stopped offering it. Fortunately there are 30 episodes on offer here, which will apparently rotate each month. Hopefully Manos:The Hands Of Fate makes an appearance..

Another streaming option

ShoutFactoryTV won't replace Netflix or Hulu for you, but it's worth knowing if you're a classic TV fan Top 3 Sites To Watch Your Favorite Classic TV Movies For Free Top 3 Sites To Watch Your Favorite Classic TV Movies For Free Read more. Browse and bookmark shows you want to watch later.

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What is the best episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000? ? What noteworthy show on ShoutFactoryTV did I miss? Let's talk about all this and more in the comments, okay?