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Use this site to identify songs in TV shows and movies

Have you ever been watching a TV show or movie and suddenly a song starts playing and you end up wasting an hour on Google searching for that song title that's on the tip of your tongue? I think we've all been there at least once.

Fortunately, with TuneFind, you'll never have to search and search in vain again.

TuneFind is a database of all the songs played on TV and in the movies. Just search for any TV show or movie and you'll get a list of all the relevant songs (TV shows are divided into seasons and episodes for spoiler-free navigation).

The site is relatively young, so don't expect it to be as comprehensive as IMDb, for example, but the good thing is that anyone can add songs to any episode or movie! So if you ever hear a song you recognize, contribute!

Each song has links to iTunes, Play Music, and Amazon in case you want to purchase the songs.

How useful is this site to you? Will you use it regularly? Let us know below!