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These secret Netflix keyboard shortcuts may come in handy

Netflix has a handful of secret keyboard shortcuts that don't show up anywhere. Most of them are debugging related and you won't use them on a daily basis, but they might be useful if you ever run into trouble.

Broadcast Options (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S)

Having issues with stream lag, buffering, chopping, or anything else? Try adjusting the streaming options manually with this menu. You can even change the Content Delivery Network, in case your problem is related to routing.

Audio/Video Statistics (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + D)

If you're not sure how to change the transmission options above, use this window to see what your current settings are.

Log window (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L)

This log window won't be useful most of the time, but if you're experiencing errors, your stream won't load, or playback has a problem, you may see some pertinent error messages that might help. you solve your problems.

Other keyboard shortcuts

  • Space - Toggle Play/Pause
  • Enter - Toggle Play/Pause
  • PgUp - Play
  • PgDn - Pause
  • F - Full screen
  • Esc - Exit full screen
  • Up - Increase the volume
  • Down - Decrease volume
  • METRO - Activate silence
  • Shift + Left - Rewind
  • Shift + Right - Fast forward

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