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How to watch your local news channels online

With more and more viewers cutting the cord, should you cut the cord or keep your cable TV? Should you cut the cord or keep your cable TV? If you're still stuck with your cable subscription, but are debating whether it's time to make a switch, we're here to help. This guide will help you decide. Read More It's easy to forget about the channels that broadcast news and information relevant to your city or town.

With the NewsOn online app, US users can access local news content without having to pay for a large amount of cable or the need to install a TV antenna. Even if you still have access to your local news through your TV, NewsOn has a few extra perks.

You can view content that has aired in the last 48 hours on demand, and you can take the news with you anywhere in the country by downloading NewsOn's mobile apps (available for Android and iOS). The service also works instantly without the need for any type of account. Alternatively, you can keep up with your local news using the web interface or on your Roku.

With the mobile app, as long as you grant the app access to your location, you can access your local channel instantly. You can see your local news channel immediately, and scroll back and forth to access other channels that can be seen across the country.

To learn more about NewsOn, watch the video below:

If you're traveling or living outside of the US, the live service isn't available, but you can at least watch the clips that appear on the NewsOn website [No Longer Available].

What do you think of NewsOn? Is it a useful service or is local news no longer important to you? Let us know in the comments.