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How to watch Facebook videos on your TV

Watching Facebook videos on your phone or browser can be a hassle if you're trying to show the video to multiple people at the same time. Instead of crowding around a monitor or small phone screen, you can cast the video to your TV.

To play a Facebook video on your TV, you'll need a Chromecast or an Apple TV.

Using the Facebook mobile app

Using the Facebook mobile app, find the video you want to watch and open it to play it. When the video is open, you will find a TV icon in the upper right corner. Tapping that button will open a screen showing the available devices to cast the Facebook video to your TV.

Using Chrome on a PC

Similarly, you can share the video from your Chrome browser by opening the video on and clicking the button to send it to your TV.

To learn more about the feature, watch the video below.

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