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7 reasons why you should avoid subscribing to Netflix

Let me start with a disclaimer:I have been a loyal Netflix subscriber for many years. I'm a big proponent of ditching cable TV. Are you considering canceling cable? The true cost of cutting the cord considering canceling the cord? The True Cost of Cutting Cord When you add everything up, do you really save money by cutting cord? We do the necessary calculations to cancel the cable in favor of Internet services. Read More Refraining from cable television has a number of advantages. Read more . So this suggestion to avoid Netflix is ​​no coming from an anti-Netflix bias.

The truth is, while Netflix is ​​certainly an amazing and worthwhile service for many people, It may not be the right service for you. . Just as there are cable cutting mistakes 7 cable cutting mistakes to consider first 7 cable cutting mistakes to consider first Before you cut your cable to save money, there are a few things to keep in mind . Read More

So before you jump on the Netflix hype train, take a moment to consider these imperfections.

1. Limited Regional Selections

Of all Netflix's drawbacks, one is undeniably bad for viewers:The number and quality of movies and TV shows you have access to will depend on where you live.

Even though Netflix is ​​constantly expanding, it recently opened in more than 130 countries. Netflix Expands Everywhere, Oculus Pricing Causes Rift… [Tech News Digest] Netflix Expands Everywhere, Oculus Pricing Causes Rift… [Tech News Digest] Netflix is ​​now available in almost every country in the country, the Oculus Rift will set you back $599, Politwoops puts throwback politicians to shame, Psychonauts 2 is being made, and Trevor from GTA V is now selling Old Spice. Read More I can enjoy the entire US catalog for just $8 a month, but if you can't watch the same content, then that $8 cost may not be worth it to you.

There are times when I want to watch something only to find that it's only available on Netflix Canada or Netflix U.K. This happens very rarely, but when it does, it annoys me. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for people outside of the US who want to watch Netflix content available exclusively in the US.

And yes, there are ways to watch everything on Netflix from anywhere in the world How to watch everything on Netflix No matter where you live How to watch everything on Netflix No matter where you live We explore why Netflix content differs from country to country and how you can watch all on Netflix regardless. Read More Why Netflix Crackdown on VPNs Will Ultimately Fail. Why Netflix Crackdown on VPNs Will Fail. to satisfy the rights holders from whom you obtain your content. So how will the Netflix ban work? And how effective will it be? Read More You can also try using Smartflix. The One. Netflix app fears more than any other. The One. Netflix app fears more than any other. There is one app that Netflix fears more than any other. It's called Smartflix, and it could be the answer to your prayers. This article examines why. Read More

2. An outdated library

The other big complaint about Netflix, which has been one of its pain points since the streaming service went live, is that Your library will never really be up to date. . These days, only Netflix Originals How to Watch Netflix Originals That Match Your Taste How to Watch Netflix Originals That Match Your Taste Netflix makes a lot of great Netflix Original series, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here's how to find the ones you'll really enjoy. Read More

Due to licensing deals with TV networks, it doesn't make sense to let Netflix stream the episodes as they are released on a network (like ABC or CBS) because that would kill any incentive for people to watch the networks themselves. (Though Hulu does offer next-day episodes.)

Netflix's strength is in bingeing, which means it's really good at catching up on TV shows right before the next season starts, and that's why a lot of Netflix's libraries are about a year old. antiquity. Networks are unwilling to allow Netflix to load their library with recent content.

Why a year, though? Because that's when full-season DVD sales remain profitable, and that's also one of the reasons movies are late joining Netflix's library. Publishers only begin licensing with Netflix when sales of a season, show, or movie have ended.

3. Internet Requirements

The thing about Netflix, and any kind of online streaming service, is that The whole service depends on the quality of your internet connection. . Whether you're watching YouTube, Twitch, or Netflix, your ISP can be the difference between watching in 240p, 720p, or stunning 4K video. 8 Eye-Popping Ultra-HD Videos to Watch on Your New 4K TV [Stuff to Watch] 8 Eye-Popping Ultra HD Videos to Watch on Your New 4K TV [Stuff to Watch] in 4K that take full advantage of the ridiculous number of pixels at your disposal, for free. Read more.

If your internet goes down, then there is no Netflix. If people on your network are watching YouTube or playing games, and thus hogging your bandwidth, Netflix will stutter. And if your internet speed is poor, the video quality will be affected. (Netflix automatically decides the quality of the stream based on the health of your connection.)

Compare that to Blu-ray or DVD:You just put the disc in the right player and you get exactly the same quality every time, and you can keep watching even if your internet connection goes down. The value of this reliability cannot be overstated.

4. Data limit consumption

While we're on the subject of internet connections, let's not forget that data caps are a real hassle to consider when streaming media, especially for video, which can consume upwards of 1GB per hour depending on the quality you demand when streaming media. watching movies and TV shows.

In fact, data caps are a serious threat to services like Netflix. If you're having trouble visualizing how serious the problem is, consider the example of Comcast testing 300 GB per month limits. Why do data caps exist and how can you bypass them? Why do data limits exist and how can they be bypassed? ISPs and mobile data caps are the bane of everyday Internet users. Why do these exist? Is there any way to get around them? This is what we know. Read More

  • ~1,000 hours on low quality.
  • ~425 hours in standard quality.
  • ~ 100 hours in high quality.
  • ~40 hours in Ultra HD quality.

Estimates are based on Netflix data usage details.

And these figures assume that you do nothing other than Netflix. With Ultra HD becoming the norm in home entertainment 7 Home Entertainment Trends to Watch for in 2016 7 Home Entertainment Trends to Watch for in 2016 There are a few key trends in the world of home entertainment in 2016. From 4K TVs to virtual reality headsets. And we've got the details on all of them. Read More If you have a limited Internet connection, be careful:Netflix will consume your data faster than you think.

5. Not owned by the media

Of all the reasons not to give up your CDs and DVDs, don't sell your CDs and DVDs! 5 Disadvantages of Digitization Don't sell your CDs and DVDs! 5 Disadvantages of Going Digital Whatever it is, there's probably a digital market for it. And while digital is impressive in many ways, it's definitely not perfect. Here are five reasons why this Read More . If you buy a DVD, it's yours. With Netflix, your payments disappear in thin air.

This means that after a year, you'll have paid between $96 and $144 depending on the Netflix plan you choose, and you'll have nothing to show for it except the memories of the TV shows and movies you watched during that time. /P>

This is one of the great tragedies of joining the streaming generation. We're Seeing a Decline in Entertainment Media Ownership The End of Ownership:Netflix, Spotify, and The Streaming Generation The End of Ownership:Netflix, Spotify, and The Streaming Generation Streaming media is convenient, but you're giving something up Important:ownership of digital media. Read More

The worst example of this is that shows and movies can be pulled from the Netflix library at any time. Nothing is more irritating than binge-watching a show like Breaking Bad only to find it has disappeared halfway through.

6. Subscription value

Netflix encourages binge-watching. In fact, it's such an integral aspect of the service that the word "Netflix" is more or less synonymous with "bing-a-thons" these days. Once you start a program, it's really hard to stop (not good for those who are prone to procrastination) How to Stop Procrastinating:The Only New Year's Resolution You Should Set kick the habit of procrastination and start acting without waiting for the right moment. Stop procrastinating is the only New Year's resolution you need. Here's why. Read More).

TV is also addictive, but it's much easier to walk away when a show ends because you can't control when a show can or can't be marred.

And it's not just because Netflix makes it so easy to jump from episode to episode, though that does play a part. It's because Netflix is ​​a subscription service. You pay the same no matter how much you watch, so watching more in a month means losing more value from your subscription.

On the other hand, if you don't watch much, Netflix may not be worth it. I mean, if you go a month without looking. anything , then you've basically thrown away $8. So, in a sense, the subscription itself encourages you to binge-watch, which can lead to tech addiction. 5 Ways Technology Could Fuel Your Depression 5 Ways Technology Could Fuel Your Depression Technology can make depression worse. With technology enveloping our lives, we should be more aware of technology's potential impact on us. There are a few things you can do to lessen the load. Read more.

7. Loss of Channel Surfing

This last point is minor overall, but worth considering if you haven't cut the cord yet:you can't surf channels and just see what's playing . You always have to choose something and sometimes the selection process is not that easy.

There are some workarounds like this Chrome extension How to Channel Surf on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube (Like Cable TV) How to Channel Surf on Netflix, Hulu and YouTube (Like Cable TV) Missed the nostalgia of the cable television channel? You can still do that with Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube! Read More There's a charm in knowing a show is playing live, and Netflix doesn't have that.

For the most part, Netflix is ​​worth it

Again, let me reiterate that I am a huge fan of Netflix. I've been watching it every day for the past few years and my appreciation of it outweighs any complaints I might have. It really is worth it, so much so that we've already discussed why you should be willing to pay more for Netflix. Why You Should Be Willing To Pay More For Netflix Why You Should Be Willing To Pay More For Netflix Every time Netflix raises its prices, millions of binge-watchers balk at the thought of paying a couple of bucks more. But this is dumb, because Netflix is ​​an absolute steal. Read more . And there are some Netflix complaints that have a solution. How to solve 10 of the most annoying Netflix problems. How to solve 10 of the most annoying Netflix problems. Netflix is ​​not perfect. Here are some common problems people have with Netflix and some simple solutions you can try. Read more.

However, if any of the above reasons resonate with you, then you might be better off skipping it and moving on. If you're not sure, try the 30-day free trial, but don't feel bad if you don't like it. Even Netflix's Best Features How Netflix Knows Exactly What You Want to Watch How Netflix Knows Exactly What You Want to Watch Netflix's rise to being the world's leading streaming service was no fluke. It was based on a recipe of data and emotions that means the company always knows what it wants to see. Read More

How well does Netflix fit into your life? Are there any specific complaints about the service? If you already subscribed, could you live without Netflix? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!