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6 reasons why you shouldn't leave theaters

The movies are awesome. Watching a movie in a theater makes them amazing. Sadly, most people skip the movie theaters and just watch movies online. Sean Parker, the co-founder of Napster, even wants to bring the latest blockbusters into his living room. Would you pay $50 to watch a movie at home? Would you pay $50 to watch a movie at home? The Screening Room plans to stream new movies to your home the day they are released in theaters. The capture? Each fill will set you back $50. Are you in? Read More All this is a very unfortunate state of affairs..

Even today, when watching a movie at home has never been easier, movie theaters have a lot going for them. Here's why you should give cinema another try.

Movies are made for the big screen

Movies are not made for small laptop screens with poor screens, fuzzy details, oversaturated colors, and metallic sound.

Movies are made for gigantic movie screens:they need to be seen stretched out across an entire wall, carefully calibrated by trained technicians to ensure every detail is sharp and clear, and every color is accurate, with countless booming speakers surrounding the audience so that They can feel every step.

When a director shoots a movie, they're not imagining a lone viewer hunched over a tiny device, they're thinking of a large auditorium packed with people whose only focus is the movie.

Okay, that may have been a touch too dramatic, but movies ARE made for theaters and not smaller screens. Yes, there is an element of showmanship to the ensemble, but there are also practical reasons to consider. When directors are working, they are using the entire framework. Subtle details will pass in the background. Characters will react at the edges of the scene. These details are nearly impossible to see on a laptop or smartphone.

The aspect ratio also matters. The widest laptop screens are usually 16:10. TVs are 16:9. However, movies are recorded at 1.85:1 or 2.35:1. This means every movie ends up in a letterbox, or even worse, cropped by whatever device you're watching it on. A screen that's already too small gets even smaller.

If you want to see a movie the way it's meant to be seen, you need to go to a movie theater. You simply can't get the same effect at home without investing thousands of dollars in a home theater setup.

You can't get distracted

How I learned when I watched seven seasons of binge Californication in just five days and I stared at the screens for 48 hours. I stared at screens for 48 hours and this is what happened… I stared at screens for 48 hours and this is what happened… I recently agreed to do something very stupid:submit to as much Screen Time as possible in the span 48 hours. How did this experiment affect me? Read on to find out... Read More Unless someone is naked or exploding on the screen in front of me, I'm tempted to pull out my phone and start flipping through Facebook and Twitter.

This isn't something I'm particularly happy about, but it happens, and I suspect many of you do too. I'm so used to sitting on the couch with my phone turned off, that when it's time to watch a movie, I fall into the habit.

At the movies, you can't get away with your phone. Some degenerates check their phones from time to time, but most people are above such egregious behavior. The best movie theaters, like the Alamo Drafthouse and my local independent movie theater, have very strict policies. Cinema is dying:how cinemas can guarantee its survival Cinema is dying:how cinemas can guarantee its survival Cinemas need to offer more than just a way to see the latest films. They need to stop competing on "convenience" and start focusing on "experience." That is how. Read more . If you get caught even looking at your phone to check the time, you get kicked out the door. That's the way it should be.

Cinema is a social experience.

Some movies need to be seen with a crowd. Watching with other people makes horror movies scarier and comedies funnier. Just hearing other people scream or laugh can amplify your own experience.

Going to the theater is always better with friends. You can meet up beforehand, grab a bite to eat, go to a movie, and then have a drink and talk about it later. It's a social event rather than something you're doing to pass the time.

You can replicate some of the social aspects at home:invite some friends over, order large pizzas, and embark on an Lord of the Rings epic. marathon - but most people don't do that. Instead, they sit down, casually launch a movie, and then witness everyone whip out their phones to check Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, or possibly even Grindr. That just can't be compared to the movies.

You can only see some movies in theaters

Although Netflix has thousands of movies available to watch, (especially if you use a VPN) How to Watch Everything on Netflix No Matter Where You Live How to Watch Everything on Netflix No Matter Where You Live We explore why Netflix content differs from country to country, and how you can watch everything on Netflix regardless Read More) the actual selection is relatively limited. Rental services like iTunes tend to have a greater variety of options, and piracy a greater variety of options, but even they don't offer every movie.

There are only a few blockbuster movies each year that get media attention. These are The Avengers and the Mad Max - style movies. However, there are hundreds of smaller movies released each year that never make it to general release. They can only be seen at film festivals or small theaters that specialize in independent films.

If you love movies, you will know that they are often considered the best movies of the year. They frequently reach the top of critics lists and become fan favorites on Rotten Tomatoes, but because they have "no commercial potential," they are not widely available.

If you want to see these kinds of movies, you have to go to a theater for one of the screenings. Often they will only show up four or five times and that's it. They are sometimes posted online months after the festival circuit ends, but you have to wait until that happens if you don't see the film in theaters. Waiting doesn't sit well with me at the best of times, especially when there are so many other good reasons to go to the movies.

It's good to support artists

If you love a particular director, actor, or movie franchise, watch it in theaters. Hollywood judges the success or failure of a movie based almost entirely on its performance in theaters.

As an example, Ryan Reynolds fought hard to get Deadpool done. It has ended up being a massive success, and a sequel has already been lit up because hundreds of thousands of people flocked to theaters to see it. Now, if it had stalled in theaters but become a cult classic on Netflix, a sequel could have happened in 10 years. But we can do better than that..

If you love a movie and want the creators to be able to make more like it, the best thing to do is see it in a theater on opening weekend. That's when a studio makes the most money from a movie, so they'll be the happiest it does well. Si no vas al cine, no puedes quejarte sobre el estado de las películas que se están realizando en la actualidad. Are you responsible for the death of cinema? Are you responsible for the death of cinema? The cinema is in its death throes. But why? Shall we blame the shit movie directors? Alternate display options now available? Or are you personally responsible? Let's figure this out. Read more.

Los cines no tradicionales son increíbles

Cada verano en mi ciudad natal, las películas clásicas se muestran en una gran pantalla inflable en un parque. Puede sentarse al aire libre en una noche cálida, recostarse en el césped y mirar E.T. , Indiana Jones , o alguna otra película fantástica. Tiene todos los beneficios de un cine sin pisos pegajosos..

Este tipo de cines no tradicionales están apareciendo por todas partes. Puede ver películas en una pantalla grande mientras flota en una piscina, descansa en una playa o en una pantalla de entrada retro. Ir a ellos es una experiencia maravillosa, y no la puedes replicar en casa..


Como debería ser bastante obvio a estas alturas, realmente me encanta ir al cine. Y espero que mi entusiasmo te haya convencido para darle otra oportunidad. Realmente es la mejor manera de ver películas:así es como los directores quieren que se vean, hace que sea más un evento, los festivales de cine son fantásticos, es importante apoyar a los artistas que te gustan y hay más opciones inusuales que nunca..

¿Amas u odias ir al cine? ¿Cuándo fue la última vez que visitaste un cine? ¿Cómo ves la mayoría de las películas en estos días? Por favor, háganos saber sus pensamientos en los comentarios a continuación.