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Halloween:40 original costume ideas for your children

With Halloween fast approaching, here are 40 original costume ideas for children. Tender, funny and sometimes disturbing, this gallery of images will amaze you with its originality.

Halloween:40 original costume ideas for your children

This year, you are going to give your child a more than perfect Halloween evening. And to start, a question:which costume to choose for your toddler? Here is for the occasion 10 original ideas for disguising children . Because, yes, the main actors of this party are the children who love to knock on our doors to ask us for their favorite sweets.

So, if you want them to be successful when they find themselves on the different levels of your block, opt for originality. Disguised as sci-fi characters like Gremlins or in Eliott which transports E.T, your children will bring back lots of sweets for their greatest pleasure (less for that of their teeth).

As you can see in this gallery, some parents have had some very original ideas. There are those who offer to disguise your children as a grandfather, as fruits or as movie characters. Others opted for sports, but also in Peter Pan! Know that whether you have a girl or a boy, all costumes are allowed!

Where to find classic Halloween costumes for your children?

Every year, it's the same thing:the party is approaching but you still haven't bought a costume for your toddler. But this time, there is no question of being surprised, you will be planning! Several websites are specialized in disguises, and in addition, at lower prices. You will find all the most classic costumes there:witches, vampires and other little devils, There will be something for everyone.

If you're in a creative mood, you can also go for some very elaborate makeup for your cherub. If you need inspiration and/or help to do it, you can find many tutorials on YouTube. For example, you will have videos to transform your child's face into that of a harlequin, but also into a terrifying skeleton.

Organize your child's Halloween party

Of course, the little ones only have one thing in mind:bring back as many sweets as possible. But before the fateful hour of the famous "trick or treat ", you can give them a fun and playful day, which will keep them busy until the evening.

Why not start the day by caring for the pumpkins to give them that repulsive appearance that we know so well? Kids will love seeing this vegetable, Halloween symbol , come to life before their eyes! You can also have them make steaming drinks. All you have to do is supply yourself with dry ice, and you're done! Your children will feel like real wizards.

Also, nothing like a contest to keep the kids occupied. Get some sheets and markers of all kinds, and challenge them to make the scariest drawing possible. It is certain that they will take this game very seriously and will gratify you with their finest works.

So this year, no excuses! Thanks to you, your child will have the best Halloween possible.