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Halloween:the 10 scariest movies to watch on Netflix

It's fall, the season for pumpkins and horror movies. And precisely, we have selected ten films for you to devour on Netflix to scare you to death.

Halloween:the 10 scariest movies to watch on Netflix

Who says autumn, says Halloween. And when the Day of the Dead approaches, we love to respect traditions and scare each other. Heart beating faster, adrenaline rising, shivers of terror... Horror is a genre that fascinates crowds. As a teenager, it's almost considered a rite of passage. So if you're one of the horror buffs, we hope you have a Netflix account. Indeed, the catalog of the platform is very well filled on this side.

The best horror movies to watch on Netflix

If you area horror fan , there is no doubt that you will quickly find your happiness. From movie classics to Netflix originals, there's something for everyone. Purists will appreciate seeing or re-watching the cult classics "Scream", "Hostel" or even "The conjuring", which is considered one of the best horror films available on Netflix.

Others will rather prefer the novelty "The Platform" which fascinated the crowds during confinement, or even "The Invitation", a film which will make you cancel all your next invitations to dinner with friends . You will also be able to discover little nuggets not very well known to the general public such as "Pas un noise", a story that will give you a surge of anxiety... Not sure that you will return to an isolated house in the countryside after that. .. The Franco-Belgian film "Grave" is also in our top 10 of the best films to watch on Netflix. Have a strong heart, because it's going to bleed...

Find all our selection in our slideshow. One thing is certain, everyone will shiver with terror (and pleasure of course).