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Which TV for which use?

For consumers who know nothing about flat screens, the purchase of this equipment is mainly based on the price and the size of the screen. However, some technologies are better suited to video games, while others will be perfect for cinema sessions. Read this short buying guide.

Which television for your home cinema?

For informed moviegoers who want to find the same sensations as in a cinema, I strongly recommend the plasma television. For good reason, clear and sharp images without blurring, good contrast with deep black, as well as excellent color rendering are the main qualities of this technology. Characteristics that perfectly match all films on DVD and Blue-Ray media.

In addition, I find that with this type of screen, the quality of the images remains constant and that I place myself in front of, below, or on the sides of the monitor. Excellence achieved thanks to the brightness that radiates the entire screen. This is also why a plasma TV consumes much more energy compared to its competitors. However, only favor the latest generation models. Otherwise you may experience still image problems.

Regarding the format of the screens, I recommend models in 16/9 th which is the screen ratio encountered in the cinema. What's more, all Blue-Ray movies and cartoons are offered in this format. Finally, for those who plan to watch TNT in high definition, a 1080p HDTV plasma TV will be preferred.

Are you betting on the excellence of the image?

But if, like me, you are passionate about sport, nothing beats an LED TV to take full advantage of your subscriptions to HD sports channels such as Eurosport, ESPN or Canal+. Live your football and basketball matches, or even your Formula 1 races live on a screen that provides very good image quality.

As for me, I decided to invest in an LG LED TV, for its very good quality/price ratio as well as for its very low energy consumption. However, people who are looking for a monitor offering optimal image quality with precise and meticulous details, they will choose the Full HD or Ultra HD (4K) models.

4K technology has so far only been found in LED televisions. For my part, I was particularly impressed by the perfection of the image and the color rendered by this technology, the rare times when I had the opportunity to watch a sports match on an Ultra High Definition. And if you are passionate about high technology, opt for the touch model.

Do you spend a lot of time on your video game consoles?

Finally, fans of video games are not left out, because LCD televisions are ideal for this use. Previously, this technology was only available on computer monitors. The Liquid Cristal Display is the best-selling flat screen TV today.

Why so much excitement? First of all, a very wide choice in the size of monitors which are marketed at reasonable prices. You can also count on images that are both stable and of high quality, combined with superior brightness. There is therefore no risk of strain and visual fatigue for long periods of use, especially for teenagers who spend hours playing in front of the TV.

However, this is often the case when you are captivated by a game on your Xbox, PS3 or Wii console. Finally, in addition to its longevity, LCD televisions are also attractive for their very thin screen. Without forgetting their great lightness. This type of screen can easily be moved from room to room.