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10 Facts You Didn't Know About Pizza Hut

Pizza is a dish of Italian origin, but it is enjoyed all over the world. To make this dish like several international factors have played their part. One of them is the pizzeria, and we cannot forget Pizza Hut in this case. Pizza Hut has been serving these tasty dishes for a long time of about 62 years.

Contents10 facts about Pizza Hut1. Pizza Hut owns the largest pizza chain in the world2. In the beginning, Pizza Hut had a mascot3. Flavors Pizza Hut Once Started4. They offer the best pan5 pizza. The name has no complication. They delivered pies in space7. No one uses cheese as much as Pizza Hut8. Pizza Hut delivered pizza to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro9. They have charities to encourage children to study10. They host the national pizza championshipConclusion

The restaurant was started by two brothers Dan and Frank, at just $600. And now they offer a variety of pizzas around the world. Chances are you haven't tried their pizza yet. The company is now known for its Italian-American cuisine menu. It is one of the biggest pizza brands in the world that offers various dishes like pasta and desserts. So here we have included some of the amazing pizza hut facts you should know.

10 Pizza Hut facts

1. Pizza Hut has the largest pizza chain in the world

The latest was estimated in December 2019 and revealed that Pizza Hut has 18,703 restaurants worldwide. That number is enough to make it one of the largest pizza chains in the world by location. Additionally, Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc., which is one of the largest restaurant companies in the world.

2. In the beginning, Pizza Hut had a mascot

If you see the previous Pizza Hut sign designs, there is a mascot in there. The iconic red roof sign originated in 1969, but before that there was a standing mascot. He even has a name Pizza Pete wearing a chef's hat. Since then, the logo has changed several times and the new one has a red sign.

3. Flavors Pizza Hut Once Started

In 2012, Pizza Hut launched a limited edition perfume. The smell of the perfume is like a fresh paste with spices. They even offered bottles to their customers via a Facebook page. And after that, they also set up a Twitter contest to give away some of the perfume to their customers. Some of the flavors were priced around $495 and they were packaged in a mini pizza box.

4. They offer the best pizza pan

It was Pizza Hut that launched the pan pizza in 1980. This was the time when no other pizzeria used the pan pizza on their menu. Even Domino's listed it on its menu in 1989. The brand also pioneered the concept of personal pan pizza, which is quite affordable and best in class. You should try these custom pizzas in their stores. Even you can save on your orders using Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer by placing your order online.

5. The name has no complication

The name of the pizzeria has no significant history or deep meaning. It was just that the sign outside the pizzeria building could only hold eight letters. Another fact that people believe is that the name is inspired by an old bar they rented to open their restaurant. It is therefore not very complicated for them to decide on the Name.

6. They delivered pies in space

Pizza Hut delivered pies to space and this achievement they made in 2001. The pizza was made under stabilized thermal conditions so it could be edible. They even put their advertisement on the rocket. The company paid a significant sum for this advertisement covering a 30-foot-wide print on the rocket. It became the first company to deliver pizza to space.

Before advertising it on the rocket, the company decided to show the brand logo on the moon with lasers. This project was so massive that it was estimated at around hundreds of millions of dollars. So the company scrapped the plan and opted to stick with the rocket announcements.

7. No one uses cheese as much as Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is also known for its consumption of cheese in pizza. It is estimated that the pizza hut alone uses about 3% of cheese production in the United States. With this, the brand is one of the biggest cheese buyers in the world. It buys about 300 million pounds of cheese a year, and for that it needs 300 billion gallons of cow's milk. That's why Pizza Hut's pizzas are so stuffed with cheese.

8. Pizza Hut delivered pizza to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

The brand is known for its PR stunts, and this one is also one of them. The delivery people walked for six hours and delivered the pie to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is one of the highest peaks in Africa. This sets the record for pizzas delivered to the highest altitude in history. The man who delivered the pie is Consea Dissa.

9. They have charities to encourage children to study

Pizza Hut has a program called BOOK IT! This was introduced in 1984. The program reaches around 14 million students and helps them. They even have a program where K-6 students can win a free personal pizza every month. The brand encourages and motivates children to read by rewarding them. So BOOK IT is a reading incentive program that offers certificates and rewards to students.

10. They host the National Pizza Championship

Pizza Hut is known for many things, and this National Championship is one of them. They hold this event every year, and it's not a pizza contest. This is a competition where nine great American chefs compete in five rounds. And whoever creates the delicious pizza will be crowned Pizza Hut Champion.


Now you pretty much know everything about the pizza shack. It is one of the unique pizza restaurants that has achieved a lot since its inception. Pizza Hut is known for its quality and cheese-stuffed pizzas. Going from a low budget of $600 to make it the largest pizza restaurant chain in the world is a rare thing you would see. So it's time for you to have some of their delicious pizzas, go ahead and order some.