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Birthday gift ideas for kids

Both children and adults love to receive gifts and surprises from loved ones. Birthdays are that time of year when you can give your children gifts and surprise them with their favorite toy or game, for example, if your child is a Disney fan, you should surprise them with a Disney Subscription Box. Birthdays are also special as your baby becomes the center of attention as all of his friends and family are gathered around him. With so many options on the market, choosing the perfect age-old gift becomes a daunting task for many. However, looking for online reviews on trusted sites like Top9Rated will make buying toys much easier. Their top rated toy reviews will help you decide which toy is right for a certain age.

SummaryBirthday gift ideas for kids1. Remote control helicopter2. Punching set with punching bag3. Inflatable swimming pool4. Board Games5. art supplies


Whether it's your little girl or your boy, both are equally precious and deserve the best on their big day. Children from the age of 3 understand how toys work and are also at that stage when their psychomotor skills are almost fully developed. They enjoy entertainment gadgets and are also eager to learn how they work by handling them themselves. Children look forward to their birthday because this day brings so many unique birthday gifts and surprises. Here are some unisex gift ideas your kids will love.

1. Remote control helicopter

Kids rave about piloting a remote-controlled helicopter. The idea of ​​controlling a flying object and taking it to places is so exhilarating to them. This has got to be one of the best toy gifts for kids ages 5 and up. You can also give them to younger children, but then you will have to keep them constantly entertained yourself, because children under the age of 5 cannot fly a remote-controlled helicopter. Not only are toy helicopters a great entertainment device, but they also improve a child's attention span and concentration level. Using the helicopter will improve the child's dexterity and fine motor skills.

2. Punching set with punching bag

It is natural for a normal child to have a lot of energy. A punching bag with boxing gloves is a good thing to have around the house so your kids can channel their energy into something positive. The punching bag allows children to improve their defense skills as well as develop their fine motor skills and coordination. You can also organize competitions among your children, as this would instil competitiveness in your child and help him gain self-confidence.

3. Inflatable pool

Kids love swimming, but the pools have a fixed schedule and high membership fees. A large full-size inflatable kiddie pool made from durable and strong materials can be a total substitute for a real pool. Second, they are portable so they can be placed anywhere outside in the yard or on the roof etc. These pools come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Not only children, but also elders can bathe whenever they want. Fill the pool with children's toys and be sure to supervise closely when children play in the pool.

4. Board Games

There's nothing quite like bonding over fun indoor games with your kids. Board games are a great birthday present and can be used to improve your child's mental capacity, decision-making skills and also help build their confidence in taking initiative and responsibility. Indoor games like Chess, Chinese Checkers, Pictionary, Monopoly, Ludo, Candy Land, etc. are readily available at most toy stores and are also easy to understand and learn. Regular game nights with friends and family will bring immense joy to children and also motivate them to be proactive and participate in fun activities.

5. Art Supplies

Both boys and girls love to play with stuff that brings out the artist in them. Get them art supplies from your local art suppliers or order them online as these are several options you can find. Art supplies may include sketchbooks, colored pencils, poster paints, crayons, painting or coloring surfaces, painting canvases, modeling clay, markers, masking tape, paper, stickers, glitter, sculpting objects, cardboard, chalk, etc.

Whatever you plan to give your child on their birthday, make sure you buy it from the right source and the right product. Also, be sure not to offer very small items, as they can pose a choking hazard and can be devastating. Items purchased for children should be safe for children, environmentally friendly, and free of chemicals or toxic elements.