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Margot Robbie – the actress who played Harley Quinn on Suicide Squad wants her Pirates of the Caribbean character to be queer


Suicide Squad is one of the most important films in the film industry. This film was directed by David Ayer. There are a lot of colorful characters in this movie. There are a lot of bad comments or reviews about this review. But this film rewarded for its specialty. There are a lot of interesting dialogues. Suicide Squad Dialogues are very interesting for the movie buff. Margot Robbie was one of the best colorful characters in this film who played Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn featured in this full movie. This character was the most recognized character in the film.

Suicide Squad Dialogs:

Suicide Squad created by tracking a secret government agency. Margot Robbie is perfect for Harley Quinn. She played very well in the film. She had many popular dialogues in this movie. "Sorry, it's the voices. Ha ha, just kidding. That's not what they said. This dialogue is the most notorious dialogue in the Suicide Squad. Margot Robbie used many humorous lines in this film. These were very interesting for the public. Margot Robbie described many features of this film through her dialogues. She showed all the characteristics of the character of Harley Quinn. This character is interesting in this film. You can enjoy this movie a lot. When you start watching this movie, you can get colorful feature of this movie.

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