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Ravoshia (Fashion Killa) enjoys success in her new visual

Ravoshia sings "I'm a fashion killa, ohhh yes, you can check my swagga ahh, you can check the shoes ahh, you can my hair, my skin, I'm straight killem" in her single Fashion Killa. This numb singer and musician Ravoshia (articulated Raa-vas-shia) of the Bermuda Islands and Texas is a triple-hazard powerhouse of nature. The Killa fashion impresses some people, especially with its weakened beat and gaudy red look that shakes.

Ravoshia has certainly gotten some star quality and furious energy to back it up. This record commands adoration across the country, even however you look at it in the assembled kingdom, Canada and Europe. She means business and is releasing her next single "Driving force" this fall.

"Fashion Killa" by Ravoshia:

“She is currently being talked about in music highlights, for example, the famous blog of the famous rapper 50 Penny,, the famous magazine Regard of New York, and many others.

“Fashion Killa video is booked very soon to start playing on famous TV slots such as Wager Jams, MTV-U, Music Decision and many more.

“She also has many arrangements on the table that are currently offered to her since her recently discovered advancement. She's been attached for the long haul and she's definitely coming of age. »

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