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Will Max Verstappen win the 2021 Formula 1 title race?

Max Verstappen caught the attention of Formula 1 fans last weekend when he won the French Grand Prix. Those who are motor racing fans will know that this helped Verstappen extend his lead over Lewis Hamilton – meaning the Mercedes team now has a big job to do.

if they want to win Formula 1.

How is Verstappen doing this season?

Verstappen, who drives for Red Bull, has slowly come to the attention of motor racing enthusiasts and his victory at the French Grand Prix is ​​his third recent triumph. However, the driver is clearly not afraid of an adrenaline-filled race, as he publicly proclaimed "Towards the end, I liked it".

At the French Grand Prix he overtook current World Champion Lewis Hamilton more than a lap from the finish but admitted that “At the start it was super difficult with the wind”. His victory now puts him 12 points ahead of Hamilton.

With Verstappen well ahead of Hamilton and a number of consecutive races in Red Bull territory in Austria to come, fans are starting to expect big things from the Red Bull racing team. Previously, Mercedes were on track to win based on their performance and previous triumphs, but they have a fight to do if they are to be winners of Formula 1 2021.

What do the experts say?

There are plenty of people with a lot to say about this year's Formula 1 race. 1997 Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve thinks the time is right for Verstappen - saying that if he doesn't win the 2021 title he fears he will never be ready to win it. As Verstappen heads for the Drivers' Championship in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, many people have their eyes on the 23-year-old, expecting big things from him this year according to the latest stats released by Betway. .

According to the official Formula 1 website, it's going to be a fast and furious battle to see who wins, with everything rolling in the Styrian and Austrian Grand Prix. They recognize it's going to be tight when the winner is crowned at the end of the 2021 World Championship.

All eyes were on their performances at various tracks and while Mercedes dominated the French Grand Prix, that was certainly not the case this year – with Verstappen ahead of Hamilton by more than a lap of the race! /P>

So will Max Verstappen win?

No one can guarantee the outcome of a motor racing championship and Formula 1 races are no exception. However, one thing is for sure, Verstappen is fighting and many fans are confident that he will prevail in the end. As we know, on the race track anything can happen, but so far it certainly looks like he is a strong contender to win the trophy for Lewis and the Mercedes team. One thing we can be sure of, this is going to make an exciting watch!