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Microsoft explains compatibility of Xbox One accessories to Series X

If you have an Xbox One and are thinking of getting a Series X, you might be wondering what accessories you can continue to use with the next-gen console. Fortunately, Microsoft cleared up any confusion.

Can you use Xbox One accessories on Xbox Series X?

Microsoft wrote about the subject on Xbox Wire. In the article, Microsoft explains that Xbox fans are rightly wondering if they can bring their favorite controllers and steering wheels to the new console.

Microsoft has sought to allay your concerns, stating:

Microsoft plans for easier identification of Xbox compatibility

Products will now carry a “Designed for Xbox” label. These labels achieve two objectives.

First, it tells you that the product is certified to work with Xbox consoles. You no longer need to check accessory reviews to see if it works for your console; just look for the seal.

Second, products with this label will have compatible Xbox consoles listed on the side. This means that, with just a glance, you can tell if it will work with your brand new Xbox Series X or if it still works well with your Xbox One.

An answer to the Xbox compatibility confusion

Since Microsoft covers a lot of bases with its gaming market, it's essential for the company to have clear and understandable guidelines on which accessories work with which system. With the new Designed for Xbox seal, you don't have to worry anymore.

Astute Xbox fans will recall that this feature was leaked prior to this official announcement. After all, it was the same list of compatible systems that revealed the existence of the Xbox Series S.

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