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How to get free personalized room cards and Diamond Royale vouchers in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular titles in the mobile battle royale genre with millions of active users worldwide. Here in this article, we will see how to get Free Custom Room Cards and Royal Diamond Vouchers in Free Fire MAX.

Garena introduces new in-game events with exclusive and exciting rewards. These rewards can be claimed by players at the end of certain missions. The latest Get Cards Now! The event is now live in-game and players can now claim free rewards including free custom room cards. Let's see how players can get free custom room cards in Free Fire MAX.

Free Custom Room Maps in Free Fire MAX

The free custom room event started on February 28, 2022, players can claim the reward of the event as it will end on March 7, 2022. The event provides many free rewards to players like custom room cards , royal diamond vouchers and more.

Custom Room Cards are an extremely rare item in Free Fire MAX as they are not easily found by players. The ‘Get Maps Now! missions and rewards ‘ event are as follows:

  • Two good Weapon Royale – Play 5 matches
  • A room card (1 game) – Log in for 3 days
  • Two Diamond Royale vouchers – Play 10 matches
  • A Craftland Room Card (1 game) – Login for 5 days

How to get Dynamic Duo M Bundle in Free Fire MAX from Faded Wheel?

Players can follow the steps below to get Free Custom Room Cards and Royal Diamond Vouchers in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: First time players need to login to Free Fire MAX.

Step 2: Players now access the events section by tapping the Calendar icon present on the right side of the lobby.

Step 3: You can now upgrade to Get Cards Now! event to claim the rewards after completing the missions.

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