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New Valorant Cooler Changes Allow Players To Plant The Spike In A Weird Place

Valorant has just released Episode 4 Act II, a brand new title update that brings a host of new features to the game. This new version aims to give players new content as well as bug fixes. Players can read the 4.04 patch notes to learn more about the in-depth game improvements in the new version.

In Valorant Icebox, you can now plant spikes in Hall B

One of the changes in the new update got a lot of attention. This adjustment follows the revamp of the Icebox map, one of the most popular maps in the game. In the most recent update, players will notice additional post-planting possibilities on Site B, as well as other quality of life adjustments in Valorant.

Players can now plant the Spike in Lobby B, according to a recent post by Reddit user u/Karim Zahabi.

Other notable changes in Act II of Valorant episode 4

Along with the much-loved Icebox revamp, players got character upgrades, a new package, and an all-new Battlepass up for grabs. Yoru has received a major overhaul, including the addition of a brand new special ability called Fakeout.

Control agent power profiles have been changed to make them look more distinct. For players to check out, a new community battle pass has launched. Gaia's Vengeance, a new weapon skin pack, has also been released.