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Top 5 Best Character Combinations in Free Fire for Ranked Season 26

Garena Free Fire has the most diverse character roster for players to choose from in the mobile battle royale genre. Here in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 Free Fire character combinations for Season 26 ranked.

SummaryList of Top 5 Character Combinations in Free Fire Ranked Season 265. Chrono + Kelly + Dasha + Hayato4. Wukong + Joseph + Moco + Maro3. DJ Alok + Jota + Shirou + Luqueta2. Dimitri + Kelly + Maxime + Hayato1. K + Luqueta + D-Bee + Leon

The developers recently introduced the new BR Ranked Season resetting the rankings and giving everyone the chance to climb the ranks and gain access to the Grand Master. Free Fire has a massive roster of 43 characters with unique abilities to aid players in the battlefield. Let's take a look at the list of Top 5 Character Combinations in Free Fire for Season 26 Ranked.

List-of-5 best character-combinations in Free Fire Classified Season 26

5. Chrono + Kelly + Dasha + Hayato

Chrono Ability ‘Time Turner ' produces a force field where 600 enemy damage is blocked and movement speed is increased by 15%. The duration is 8 seconds and Time Turner has a cooldown of 170 seconds after being activated.

Kelly's unique ability is called Dash , and it increases sprint speed by 6%. Hayato's Talent Bushido Increases Armor Penetration by 10% for every 10% drop in Max Health.

Dasha's ability reduces fall damage and cooldown by 50% and 80%, respectively, which is a pretty big reduction. Additionally, the skill decreases the recoil rate and maximum amount of recoil by 10% each. This character combination can be used as an aggressive skill set to eliminate enemies on the battlefield.

4. Wukong + Joseph + Moco + Maro

by Wukong Camouflage ability, turns players into a bush for 15 seconds. However, it stops when players shoot enemies. There is a 200 second cooldown, but the timer automatically resets with every kill.

With Maro's ability, users' damage increases with distance by up to 25%. Additionally, damage dealt to marked opponents has increased by 3.5%.

The eye of the hacker marks enemies for five seconds after they've been downed, and their locations are also shared with teammates. It can help users make their next move carefully. Joseph's ability increases movement and sprint speed by 20%, helping players evade or rush enemies.

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3. DJ Alok + Jota + Shirou + Luqueta

DJ Alok's Drop the Beat creates an aura with a 5 yard radius. While active, 5 HP is recovered for 10 seconds and movement speed is also increased by 15%. When Jota's ability 'Sustained Raids ' is equipped, users' health is regenerated after hitting an enemy. Additionally, knocking down an enemy will restore 20% HP.

Hat trick Luqueta's ability increases max HP by 25, up to 50 HP with each kill. Thus, after killing two opponents, a player would have a maximum of 250 life points.

Shirou has an ability called Damage Deal . When an opponent shoots the user within 80 yards, the enemy is hit for six seconds and the first shot at them has 100% more armor penetration. This is one of the most balanced character combinations in this list of Top 5 Free Fire Character Combinations for Season 26 Ranked.

2. Dimitri + Kelly + Maxime + Hayato

Dimitri is the most useful character in Free Fire with the only character offering the self-revive ability 'Healing Heartbeat ‘. Healing Heartbeat creates a healing area 3.5m in diameter Inside it, users and allies regain 3 HP/s.

If players are hit, they can recover and get back up. The skill lasts 10 seconds. Kelly is a must-have character in a jumpsuit. As it greatly increases movement speed.

Hayato has an important skill 'Bushidō ” which is necessary when engaging in close-range battles. It gives you a perk to increase armor penetration at close range. Maxim allows you to heal faster and he is the most useful character in this character combination.

1. K + Luqueta + D-Bee + Leon

K has one of the best healing abilities in the game. He is able to recover his teammate's health as well as his health. When you are stuck in an intense location and have been downed by your enemies, your HP will automatically increase using K's EP ability.

When combined with Luqueta's Hat trick ability that increases max HP by 25, up to 50 HP with each kill. Thus, after killing two opponents, a player would have a maximum of 250 hit points.

Leon's ability recovers 30 HP at its maximum level each time the player escapes or wins a battle, allowing you to fight longer battles with ease. While D-Bee Ball Beats grants a movement speed buff and increases accuracy when shooting while moving. Here is the list of Top 5 Character Combinations in Free Fire for Season 26 Ranked.

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