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Fortnite on Switch now has gyroscope and 'flight stick' control update

Even though we're not regular Fortnite players, there's no denying that the free-to-play phenomenon has created high expectations in terms of world-building, season pass value, IP crossovers, and control options. /accessibility.

The current update, which is expected to be available to all or coming soon, expands the control choices available on Switch and other gyro-enabled platforms.

Fortnite on Switch now has gyroscope and  flight stick  control update

Fortnite supported gyro aiming from day one on the Switch, but Epic Games says it will now be "more robust". Even more intriguing is the inclusion of "Flick Stick" controls; the video above features its developer, Julian "Jibb" Smart, discussing how it works and demonstrating in-game use cases.

Here's how to get to these controls in the fortnite (once updated)

Gyro:In the "Touch and Motion" tab of the settings, enable or disable the gyro controls. Enable or disable "Gyro Aiming" to achieve this. When the camera is on, you can control it by rotating the controller.

This offers more accuracy than traditional stick pointing, although it shouldn't completely replace it. Typically, players will use the right stick for the majority of camera control, with the gyro aiming for finer changes that are difficult to achieve with a joystick.

Fortnite on Switch now has gyroscope and  flight stick  control update

Flick Stick:Enable the flick stick in the "Touch and Motion" menu so that when you aim the right stick in a specific direction, the camera quickly moves to face that direction. Since you can no longer shoot up or down with the right stick, you will need to enable gyro aiming.

Although a flick stick is normally suggested for experienced gyro players, some newer gyro players pick it up quickly in fortnite.