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Valorant Agent Skin:new feature suggested again in Episode 4, Act 1

Valorant Agent Skin:According to an old teaser earlier, Valorant may be getting a new Valorant Agent Skin feature in-game, as the official teaser suggests. But there was no concrete evidence. However, the official Valorant Instagram page continues to hint at the same thing.

There have been several posts from Valorant suggesting new Agent skins in Valorant. The article describes Valorant teasers that hint at a new feature of in-game Agent skins.

Valorant Agent Skin:new feature suggested again in Episode 4, Act 1

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Valiant Agent Skin Teaser

Valorant offered several new features in the new law, including a new agent, a new moon pass, and several other features. Knowing Valorant, the game tends to leave Easter eggs in the game, or even outside it.

At first glance, the official Valorant Instagram has suggested new agent skins through several posts. These depict agents like Sage, Jett, and Neon trying on outfits that aren't present in the game.

Earlier, the concept of Valorant agent skins was brought up and the developers discussed the topic as well. Valorant Devs Talk is something brought to the public attention with various issues such as map or agent fixes or any clarification from the community in general.

Riot developers had said earlier on their Twitch stream that there will be no agent skins in the near future. "No concrete date, but don't expect it anytime soon," said art lead Sean Marino. Marino's answer didn't rule out Valorant though. One Day on the Road Agent Skins.

Valorant Agent Skin:new feature suggested again in Episode 4, Act 1

“Okay, agent skins would be confusing as well. All Agents have beautiful, unique color combinations that make them easy to identify in a split second. Agent skins could make things more confusing if they don't stick to unique color palettes and risk breaking engagements,” were the views from the gaming community.

A year later, the feature film seems to be coming true, although the dates are not known. However, there is no official confirmation from Riot Games yet.

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