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Top 5 Best Free Fire Pets for January 2022

Garena's mobile battle royale title Free Fire features an extensive roster of characters and pets with unique abilities to aid players. Here in this article, we are going to take a look at the list of Top 5 Free Fire Pets for January 2022.

ContentsList of top 5 pets in free fire5. Agent Hop (bounce bonus) 4. Yeti (Frost Fortress) 3. Dreki (Glare of the Dragon)2. Beaston (helping hand)1. Sensei Tig (Nimble Ninja)

There are 17 pets in the Free Fire pet list, each with unique abilities to aid players in the battlefield. Developers introduce new pets with every OB patch update. The latest addition to the list is ‘Yéti ‘. Let's take a look at the Top 5 Free Fire Pets list for January 2022.

List-of-the-5 best pets in free-fire

5. Agent Hop (bounce bonus)

Agent Hop is one of the newest additions to the roster of pets in Free Fire. The pet has an ability called "Bounce Bonus ” which allows players to gain 50 EP each time the area shrinks. This is an advantageous ability to have in Free Fire. With EP constantly regenerating, players don't need to search for mushrooms.

4. Yeti (Frost Fortress)

The new pet is called Yeti, its in-game description reads "Love my silky fur". His in-game ability is called Frost Fortress it reduces damage taken from explosives.

Initially, there is a 15% damage reduction every 150 seconds. At max level (level 6) damage is reduced by 30% by grenades and explosives every 90 seconds.

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3. Dreki (Dragon's Glare)

Dreki has an ability called 'Dragon Gaze ‘. At its base level, this ability can spot opponents using medkits within a 10m radius. The effects only last for three seconds.

At pet level 7 and ability level 3, Dragon Glare can detect opponents using medkits within 30m. The effects only last for five seconds.

2. Beaston (helping hand)

"Beaston's"Helping Hand The ability allows players to throw grenades farther. Effective throwing range is increased by 30%. This affects all throwables such as grenades, gloo wall grenades, flashbangs, and smoke grenades.

1. Sensei Tig (Nimble Ninja)

Sensei Tig is the latest addition to the Free Fire roster with a unique ability called 'Nimble Ninja ‘. At the base level of this ability, it can reduce enemies' Manmark skill duration by 30%.

While the percentage for the same increases to 50% at max level. Here is the list of Top 5 Free Fire Pets for January 2022.

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