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5 Best Free Fire Weapons Every Gamer Should Use

Garena Free Fire offers one of the most diverse weapon arsenals with different ranges and fire rates that players can use on the battlefield. Here in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 guns in Free Fire that every gamer should use.

Summary5 best free fire guns players should use5. Groza 4.AN943. M1887 2. UMP 1. Peak

Gunfights are an important part of any kind of mobile battle royale and Free Fire is no exception to that. So, to rise through the ranks and gain glory in the game, players must choose their weapons wisely. As different guns come with different attributes and pros and cons. Let's take a look at the 5 best weapons in Free Fire that every gamer should use.

5 best free-fire guns players should use

5. Groza

The Groza remains the best weapon in the game, with all the firepower of an AK without the drawbacks of high recoil. The only downside to the weapon is that it's not available in-game as normal loot. Now it is also available in CS mode, so players should consider using it often.


AN94 is another gun on this list that has pretty decent stats, which makes this gun usable. The AN94 is an excellent gun for intermediate and close combat in the AR genre, with high damage and a high rate of fire.

In the midrange, it can still outperform most SMGs. Yet many players tend to avoid using the AN94, the gun also comes with a high rate of fire and high damage.

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3. M1887

The M1887 is the deadliest gun available in Free Fire's arsenal of weapons. A headshot from this shotgun will result in an instant knockdown or elimination at close range. The only downside it offers is its range and lack of magazine.

The weapon comes with a deadly high armor penetration capability. Players who can't perform headshots can even perform body shots to eliminate their opponents.

2. UMP

UMP is by far one of the best SMGs available in Free Fire. SMG is one of the guns with armor penetration and high rate of fire. Players with high level vests can be easily eliminated. Players should consider using it on MP40.

1. Peak

Woodpecker can only be described as the perfect hybrid weapon in the game. Players familiar with AR will have no trouble adapting to this gun. While the low clip size can become a problem, armor penetrating damage makes up for the same. Players can also use Rafel's ability to compensate for silence effects.

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