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Top 5 Best Characters Of Free Fire Ranked Mode Season 25

Garena recently presented the 25th ranked final season in Free Fire. The title has a huge roster of characters with different skills. Here in this article, we will be looking at the top 5 characters in Free Fire Ranked Mode Season 25.

Summary5 Best Ranked Mode Characters Free Fire Season 255. Dimitri (Healing Heartbeat)4. Chrono (Time Turner)3. Skyler (Rhythm Riptide)2. Wukong (Camouflage)1. DJ Alok (Drop the beat)

To raise and increase their rank, players must choose their characters wisely in the recently introduced Free Fire Season 25. Developers introduce new characters with each OB patch update with unique abilities. Let's take a look at the top 5 characters in Free Fire Ranked Mode Season 25.

5 best characters in ranked mode Free Fire Season 25

5. Dimitri (Healing Heartbeat)

Dimitri is a sound engineer who loves action movies. He has an active ability called 'Healing Heartbeat ‘. At his base level (level 1), his ability creates a 3.5m aura around him that acts as a healing zone. Inside this aura, the user and their allies recover 3 HP/s.

Additionally, when downed, users and allies can self-recover so that all effects last 10 seconds and come with an 85 second cooldown. Although this self-recovery only applies in Squad and Duo mode.

4. Chrono (Time Turner)

Chrono's special in-game ability 'Time Turner ' offers outstanding defensive capability to Free Fire players. It creates an impenetrable force field. It blocks a total of 800 damage and lasts six seconds.

The ability has a long cooldown of 120 seconds. The character was buffed in update OB31 after receiving continuous nerfs in updates OB27 and OB30.

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3. Skyler (Rhythm Riptide)

Skyler is a popular character with an active ability called Riptide Rhythm . His ability can be a disaster if used correctly, as he can destroy the gloo walls of enemies. His ability releases a sonic wave that destroys 5 gloo walls within a 50 meter radius with a 60 second CD period.

Additionally, when a wall of gloo is deployed by Skyler, it starts healing from 4 points. Range is increased to 100 yards and CD period is reduced to 40 seconds at max level.

2. Wukong (Camo)

Wukong'sCamouflage ' received a significant buff in the OB27 update. It can turn players into a bush for 10 seconds and has a 250 second cooldown at base level. The ability also introduces a 40% movement speed reduction when using the skill.

1. DJ Alok (Drop the beat)

DJ Alok is the most popular character on the Free Fire roster. His in-game ability "Drop the Rhythm is also one of the most versatile abilities. This ability creates a 5 meter area around him that increases allies' movement speed by 15%.

Additionally, this ability heals the player and allies inside the area for 5HP/sec for 10 seconds. It is a large capacity and also has a short cooldown.

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