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New Fortnite Grotto 2.0 Coming In Game Chapter 3 Season 1

Fortnite Grotto 2.0:Fortnite is at the peak of its new Chapter 3 Season 1 and there was already enough speculation about Gotto returning to the season since last month. Finally, it looks like the Grotto is back in a new form, bringing Grotto 2.0 into the game.

Although there was no particular confirmation about it, some leaks indicate the potential introduction of a new cave in the game. The article talks about the leaks suggesting the arrival of Fortnite Grotto 2.0 in the game in its chapter 3 season 1.

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Fortnite 2.0 Cave

Fortnite's newest chapter brought the usual batch of new content with big map changes and new mechanics in the form of new characters and other inclusions. Many new features are also being added to the game as the season progresses to its climax.

A recent Fortnite Chapter 3 leak has revealed that a new cave is coming to the game, all of which are active to change the gameplay experience for players. The older and original cave was named Point of Interest in Battle Royale which was added to the map in Chapter 2 Season 2, located inside the H5 coordinate, directly between Dirty Docks and Retail Row.

There were several phone booths available for players to dress up as henchmen, as well as several zip lines. Security equipment, such as cameras and turrets are installed throughout the main base, locking onto players who are not disguised and damaging them.

"When the IOs arrive on the map during week 6/7 with their drillers, they will have 5 outposts on the map around The Seven and a real POI called 'Covert Canyon' and codenamed 'Crazy Cave" is a counterpart to "The Sanctuary" and likely also the Mythic SMG slot," HYPEX said.

"Now that Brutus' Henchmen have been updated in 18.40 to drop 36 ammo instead of 60. Epic may have already teased this in one of the Battle Pass loading screens. It was an underground facility created by the MODIFIER organization. The facility had computer-controlled shadow henchmen patrolling and guarding the area.

Although there is no confirmation, many players noticed that the water levels were dropping in the Grotto pools when the v18.10 update was released. With Fortnite update 18.20, the water levels in the pools have dropped even further, leading them to believe in the changes to come.

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