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Fortnite Recon Scanner:New Season 7 Weapons

Fortnite Recon Scanner is one of the new weapons introduced in its season 7 with Invasion and alien theme gameplay. The Recon Scanner is a rare explosive weapon in Fortnite:Battle Royale.

The Fortnite Recon Scanner throws a recon lock that marks nearby enemies and chests. The article talks about the locations and details surrounding the Fortnite Recon scanner.

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Fortnite Recognition Scanner

The Recon Scanner is the latest addition alongside new weapons like the Rail gun and is a double shot grenade launcher that fires a blue projectile that emits a spherical field that marks nearby chests, wildlife, players and vehicles . The field remains active for 15 seconds, before disappearing. When the spherical field disappears, the blue projectile flashes red for a few moments before disappearing with it. Projectiles also deal very little damage to players and structure.

The Recon Scanner deals 5 damage per shot and does not use ammo, instead it regenerates ammo up to a maximum of 2 storage. and has a headshot multiplier of 1.2x. This "Throws a scout bolt that marks nearby enemies and chests." »

Rarity Rare Reload Time3.6 secondsMagazine Size2Damage98Fire Rate3

As a rare item, the Recon Scanner will be available almost everywhere in Fortnite where loot can be found, including chests, on the ground, in Air Drops, etc. The Recon Scanner can be used as a weapon, however, it is largely ineffective due to its low damage. The best use of the Recon Scanner is to locate opponents.

While the Recon Scanner Launcher may look like a generic grenade launcher, this heavy gun does more than just high damage and reveals nearby targets and chests. As these are common weapons, there are no fixed locations to search for them, but here are two better ways to get them:

  • Inside IO Chests at IO Bases
  • Loot from IO guards

If players can hit your opponent, combining that with the rail gun's ability to shoot through walls can give you a starting health advantage. This makes it extremely useful in team play when you want to provide your team with massive amounts of information about enemy teams lurking around the map.

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