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Fortnite Cosmic Summer event details:new quests, special rewards and more

The Fortnite Cosmic Summer event is fast approaching. Battle Royal from Epic Games comes up with cool events and modes from time to time to keep the player base entertained. This summer, Epic Games is set to launch an epic two-week summer event.

Epic has already released an invite to a 'Cosmic Summer Celebration' party to be held on Believer Beach this Saturday, alongside Epic Games also revealing plenty of other details about the game. Here's all about it:

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Cosmic Summer Event Details

Fortnite is known for its interactive in-game events, parties, and concerts. Players can also expect the same this summer. Epic will be hosting a huge in-game Cosmic Summer event. The "Cosmic Summer Celebration" party which Epic Games has invited players from all over the world seems to be the main event, besides that many more can be expected events, quests and surprises, according to SlashGear.

Cosmic Summer Event Time

In the "Cosmic Summer Celebration" party invite, Epic invited players to join the party at Believer Beach on June 22 at 9 a.m. ET (6:30 p.m. IST). As players from all over the world will be participating in this virtual party, the timing will not suit all players.

Epic Games assured players that this party will last for a long time so that every player can enjoy every moment of this party. In addition, this celebration will last two weeks from June 22.

Cosmic Summer Event Quests and Rewards

Some Fortnite developers have already announced new in-game quests and rewards related to the Cosmic Summer event. It's unclear what the quests or rewards will be. Guess we have to wait for the event to hit the servers tomorrow or maybe Epic will post more information on their official sites to get more attention.

PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and Android users can participate in the event directly in-game. Bad news for iOS users, as Apple started the game from the store for not complying with its rule in-app purchases, they cannot join the event with their iPhones or iPads.

Fortnite's Indian Monsters can enter the game on Tuesday at 6:30 PM and head to Believer Beach to join the event and check out all the new quests, special rewards, and more.

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