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Tips and Tricks to Reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 10

Garena Free Fire recently introduced the OB31 patch update with the latest Clash Squad Season 10. Here in this article, we will be looking at tips and tricks on how to achieve Grandmaster in Free Fire Shock Team Season 10.

SummaryTips and tricks to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Clash Squad Season 10Using G18 and Double USPStay together and don't fall apartPlaying with a permanent team

In the new CS Ranked Season, player ranks have been reset and new players have a chance to achieve higher ranks. Players can now push their ranks up to Grandmaster in the new CS 10 season. Let's take a look at the best tips and tricks to reach Grandmaster in Free Fire Clash Squad season 10.

Tips-and-tricks to reach grandmaster in season 10 of Free Fire Clash Squad

Using G18 and Double USP

In the Clash Squad, season players must win 4 rounds to win the match, which makes every round important. The first round of every match is the pistol round where players must always choose either G18 or Double USP to win in that round as both weapons offer high damage and fire rate.

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Stay together and don't separate

Another trick to increase the ranking on CS that is often used by professional players is to always evolve in the team. In CS, avoid scattering too far from each other and playing alone.

By advancing together, you can help each other in need in battle. Before playing, decide on the role of each member and move in formation. Separating yourself too far from your team will only make you an easy target.


The last tip to reach grandmaster rank in new season 10 of Free Fire Clash Squad is to have a permanent team. Form a team of your best friends so that you can improve the ranking. This is because CS requires strong teamwork to take it to the next level.

If you try to increase your rank on Clash Squad with unknown players, your chances of winning will be slim. Try to rank up with a team you've already formed to keep communicating and organizing the strategy.

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