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Best Free Fire Character Combination For Clash Squad Season 9

Want to know the best Free Fire character combination for Clash Squad Season 9? Here are some of our top combo picks that players should go for Free Fire Clash Squad Season 9 Rank push.

Free Fire is an ultimate battle royale game on the mobile gaming platform. The game has attracted huge masses among gamers all over the world as well as content creators. Most of the players want to rank pushes in the game but end up giving up due to some reasons. Characters can be very useful when a player is doing a rank push. Here are two best Free Fire character combinations that can be used to increase the rank in Clash Squad Season 9.

Best free fire character combo for Clash Squad

A. Chrono + Jota + Hayato + Alvaro

Although he received major upgrades in the game, Chrono is still one of the best characters with active abilities in the game. His ability is multifunctional and for this reason, players should choose him without considering other aspects of his degradation. Players can easily defend against grenades and other enemy fire when Chrono's skill is used. He is the best character because he can be used to play aggressively and one can push an entire team by activating his skill. You can also revive your teammate inside the force field.

While Chrono provides the shield, Jota will give you HP when you deal damage or hit an enemy. A character mix is ​​incomplete without a healing character and for that, Jota would be a great choice. Next, Hayato.

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Clash Squad is an intense battle mode where you will encounter enemies rushing at you. You will face a lot of close combat and Hayato will increase armor penetration on enemies when they attack you. So at close range you can easily knock down the enemy. Alvaro character increases Grenade explosion damage as well as explosion range. Grenade is useful in the Clash Squad rank boost. Alternatively, you can replace Alvaro with the Joseph character to increase your movement speed.

B. Wukong + Hayato + Maxim + Moco

Wukong is an active and skilled character whose ability is widely used in competitive and ranking matches. His ability allows you to turn into a bush and ambush players by surprise. The cooldown is reset when you kill an enemy. But players must avoid being attacked by Granada.

Hayato makes sure your bullets deal good damage when shooting at an enemy's body. As mentioned earlier, Hayato is a great character in close combat. Moco will reveal the enemy's position, which is so useful in Clash Squad mode. You can pre-fire or throw grenades while knowing their location.

Maxim is another character that helps with healing. Its ability will increase the speed of using a med kit. When an enemy damages you while rushing at you, you can recover faster than a normal rate and be ready to engage in combat. Thus, Maxim should be a character to include in this combination.

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