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Top 3 Best Games Like COD Mobile in 2021

The battle royale genre is vast and popular. Many mobile games adopt this game mode. Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best first person shooters in the market. The game offers different game modes as well as a battle royale. COD Mobile is not the only game of this type, however. In this article, we will see the Best Games like COD Mobile in 2021.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is among the most popular games of the genre. This game has Deathmatch, battle royale mode and more. There is a huge range of customization items. PUBG has a realistic graphical representation. The graphics look like they are supposed to look in real life. It is arguably the biggest mobile game currently available.

Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale game where players have to choose from many characters. These characters have unique abilities that help them win the game. There are also a variety of weapons and throwables that players can use. The game has made a mark on the eSports industry for sure. This game has grown in importance over the past few years.


This battle royale has a diverse cast of characters just like Free Fire. Players can purchase various skins and cosmetics to customize characters. There are also a bunch of vehicles that add a fun charm to the game. Likewise, it also includes a shrinking time zone and enemy players.

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